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    Does clickbank still work?

    You didn't get me. What I meant is, there is huge fraud click scam on going for brand targeted ads. Mostly done by competitors to consume your ads budget. So even if you see better CTR, conversion may not be there and that will burn out your bank!
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    Does clickbank still work?

    Mostly you will be bankrupted because of fraud clicks on brand ads
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    Anyone using SmartADV? is it legit?

    Hello All, came across an clickbank alternative which looks legit but not sure if it is. Never heard of it here before on BHW. the range of products on the network looks great and has really good sales page for few of the products I checked randomly. Before I jump onto it, has anyone tried it...
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    hi, would like to test " – fresh account, smtp enabled, EN names, mix domains"
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    [Method] - Cashing in on Reddit - Q&A method

    Well I tried couple of questions, which were framed such that maximum people would respond or engage. Got 2.2k views to the question, 12 upvotes, 3 clicks on link. What I feel is, you should be lucky enough to get traction or need to spend some $ to upvote your own question to say 1k upvotes and...
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    [Method] - Cashing in on Reddit - Q&A method

    What I mean with WP is, can it be done with, or or, or medium blog, etc "free" blog sites? What I am seeing is whenever I put links for, the comment doesn't show up when checked with another account. The count of comments updates on the...
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    [Method] - Cashing in on Reddit - Q&A method

    Have you tried with WordPress, wixx or blogger free sites? Do it work?
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    Do you suggest proxy for reddit accounts? Which location they are created from
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    Rough Reddit Week? Anyone else?

    well I am seeing same thing. Multiple accounts got suspended. As soon as I post a link, account gets suspended. Not sure what's wrong!
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    Free Clickfunnels alternative

    Hey all, I am new to affiliate marketing and was following multiple YT influencers on funnel building. As I said I am trying my luck here, I am with no money. What I looking to create is my traffic >>optin page>>Thank you page to download pdf>> redirect to affiliate link. Now the optin will...
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    How to increase Reddit Account Karma?

    Any screenshot of what you had in description? Had you linked to affiliate site directly or had landing page in between?
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    How to increase Reddit Account Karma?

    What about new accounts? Do we need to warm them up before we post any link?
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    ❌ SAY BYE BYE TO YOUR COMPETITORS ⭐️ Crowdo Foundation Package ✅ Paid Resources Included ✅From $1.6/Link! ▶️

    I was fortunate enough to get review copy from Stan. To be frank I was not expecting so much efforts being put into a review copy. The package was delivered almost 15 days after he confirmed my review copy. Here is the overview of what I got: 1. Mini-blog This was a surprise. A nicely written...
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    How can I monetize Millions of Crypto email leads?

    You can check clickbank, digistore24, etc CPA networks. They have some crypto products that you can try selling and earn good commissions. You are the 1st case I have seen opposite way. Many of affiliate marketers have an idea on monetizing the traffic/emails and what they don't have is user...