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    What are the common PPC mistakes?

    Not optimizing campaigns on a daily basis is the common mistake, you can not avoid it, if you do, your results will be worse.
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    Wihich platform for cheap traffic

    I think that depends on your objective, if you need quality traffic then go with Google ads or Facebook. Why don't you make it cheap by optimizing your Google & Facebook campaigns, so the intent traffic will not get hampered. Just keep the targeting perfect.
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    Google Ads Approved and Eligible but 0 impression

    Are your keyword showing status of Low search Volume? Please check it once. else, which bid strategy you are following? If it is manual then check the bids. There can be many reasons here.
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    Do you trust TrustPilot?

    haha have seen a lot of ads related to TrustPilot, how can I trust it.
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    my failed experience and on the verge of quitting

    I would say spending $$ on backlink services and all, can keep some budget aside for Google ads and get very relevant traffic. Running campaigns for Keywords related to CBD for Oils can give you sales too.
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    Welcome thread

    Welcome mate
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    Back Again!! Now with Google Adwords :)

    Just read here and learn. You will be perfect in this field. :) Good Luck!!
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    Back Again!! Now with Google Adwords :)

    Hi all !! How are you people doing?? After learning from BHW, I made in Adwords also. Currently working as a Senior Adwords Manager :) Now SEO + Adwords :) Want to learn again more new things. Thank you all for your all motivation folks. :)
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    Free 25 Youtube Likes to Your Video

    Very interested!! Doing PM to you. Thankyou!
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    Free 1,000 YouTube Views (Everyday)

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    Free freshly written 500-word article! A huge giveaway!

    Very Interested!! PM or Skype me for topic. Thankyou
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    FREE YouTube Views - Top Quality High Retention - 1 Million Views

    Hi Doing PM you my video,I need views only. Thankyou
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    Opting for Social vs Organic Traffic

    you can go with pop traffic. that will be useful for you.