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    Any automatic linkbuilding tool?

    Nice. I was taking a look at GSA. Definetly will check them out. Thank you!
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    Any automatic linkbuilding tool?

    As automatic as it can get, as they would be links to a T3 or T4, just to give some cheap "authority" to the domain that i can filter with the T3 / T2. Of course if they're crap, that would go straight to a T4 to avoid giving that toxicity to the T2. I've been searching in the forum, but had...
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    Any automatic linkbuilding tool?

    I was wondering if there's any *cheap* tool to get some automatic backlinks for a tier 3/4. Any ideas?
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    OSR SEO Services:premium Quality High DR/DA/TF PBN Links Start at @ $2/Link,DR Upto 70,DA Upto 36 Links From WikiPedia,Tripadvisor And Other Big Sites

    In less than 24hs got the test package. Links look good for a test, and they all (but one) are bellow 20% spam score. I'm sure i'll get a package soon.
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    How can i do this kind of video

    Use Photoshop or any image edition software to create the elements. Then you can animate it with mostly any video editor that's out there. Those are really simply animations.
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    Animate an image

    What kind of image and what's the animation you want to do?
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    Difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 backlinks?

    The difference rely on where are they linking. T1 links directly to moneysite, T2 links to T1 links and so... Also, you want your T1 to be the best links you can use, but T2 doesn't need to be as good (quality speaking) backlinks. Of course, the better the links the more linkjuice you recieve...
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    What apps you can't live without daily?

    Notion. Pretty much the app that saves me with everything work related, as i forget a lot of stuff everyday :anyway:
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    Competitor wants to buy link

    Think about it. If they have way more budget than you, there's a change you can surpase them in SERPs? If there's no chance, i wouldn't care much about giving them a link. You can use the money to get some links to your site -they will benefit from it aswell- or to invest in other projects.
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    I compared,, and | PS: Rytr SUCKS!

    Nice comparison. How do you set-up everything to let the AI write the articles? Just a short description or you let it 'fill the blanks'?
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    Hi @Festinger ! Could you share me this? Thanks!