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    Is it safe to trade crypto with cash using payoneer?

    Paxful take so many fees, I'm using LocalMonero, they say PayPal is high risk because the partner can refund the money, but I wonder if it's the same with payoneer.
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    Is it safe to trade crypto with cash using payoneer?

    I'm looking to use a non-kyc exchanges to turn my crypto to $USD. I have the choice between PayPal and Payoneer, I know PayPal makes it extremely easy to refund money even if they received the goods so I'm not using that, but how about payoneer? Can my partner refund the money after I send the...
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    Is it safe to use a wallet in Bluestacks?

    Some wallet are on mobile/android only, and I'm planning to use bluestacks to download them. But is it safe? Will bluestacks or anyone have access to my passwords/12 words? Or something like that.
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    Best privacy wallet?

    I read some old guides and everyone was recommending wasabi wallet, but apparently it's not what it once was. Any other alternatives?
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    Best SMS verification site?

    Free SMS never work, and I need to choose the country.
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    Best SMS verification site?

    What is the the best site to receive SMS verification code from any site? I don't want to pay a monthly fee.
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    How to evade reddit bans?

    VPN work well for me, but if you use the same browser profile with the same history/cookies etc.. Yeah they will detect you. Learn to randomly generate them, it's easy.
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    What is the best desktop wallet?

    I've tried Electrum, but it only accepts bitcoin, then Exodus, but the fees are too high. When I ask for wallet recommendation I usually get TrustWallet and MetaMask, but what about the desktop ones? What is the best one that doesn't take too much fees.
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    site is a little confusing

    This is where you find methods.
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    what is the most profitable industry in real life?

    Every market can be successful, it just depends. A restaurant can be extremely profitable or a fluke depending where it's located.
  11. Chirner or coinbase?

    Run from
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    Which coin is the safest?

    There is no such thing as a safe coin, but right now the one with the less volatility is Ethereum
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    Can't use paypal, losing clients

    Ask for direct deposit.
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    fiverr account banned?

    Contact support, doesn't seem normal, maybe you used a proxy that was blacklisted.