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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️ What's your Motivation for Making Money?

    -- Freedom, -- To be able to extra help to my mother and brother, -- To be able to work remotely with good money, so I can live in any country as long as I want (yes, this is freedom too)
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    What language do you want to learn and why?

    I know English (from Call of Duty), Russian (from my fiance), and Turkish (native). Now, learning JavaScript. xD
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    How to start content writing

    Just write some things about some specific topics and show them in your portfolio. You will improve yourself with experience and earn some money.
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    Hello Everyone

    Thank you! <3
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    Hello Everyone

    Thank you both! I will try to learn and share what I know as much as possible
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    Newbie need some advice

    If you "know" front-end development, you can earn much more with this knowledge than them. They were valuable 4-5 years ago, now, it's hard to start from scratch. But nothing is "too late" if you work hard and long enough.
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    Newbie need some advice

    Dude, there was a saying "talking is cheap, show me the code" . Just build a portfolio and GitHub page. If you have already, share everywhere. You can't even imagine, where to find a collaborator, friend, or anyone to work with you...
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    [Get] giveaway free envanto elements

    Hello, thanks for your help. It would help me a lot if you send me these; 1) 2)
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    I need your opinion on this ASAP! BRAND business!/2022

    I hope you will enjoy and gain money in your path! But, don't forget to ask yourself, "why to choose you?". If you will find an answer to that question, you will go faster and better.
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    I have loyal fitness audience on facebook and instagram ( men) What kind of app should i release ?

    I think you can try to advertise other fitness apps at first. Then you can check which one is more interesting for your community and focus on such an app.
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    Hello , I,m new here

    Welcome, I am also new here! Good to see I am not the only one xD
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone! I am joining you from Turkey. I am 26 years old and studied at university in Russia. Since 2015, I earned money from content creation, blogs, social media management, WordPress jobs, and so on. Also, I am learning front-end development (React) by myself. However, I am already...
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    I need some criticize and recommendations

    If you will send me your work, I will try to do the same. Thank you for your advice. And yes, I am trying my best, really. I believe I will be a real developer soon! Wow, I will be honest, I was expecting some answers like "booo you don't have anything, you are zero" and so on... You can't even...
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    I need some criticize and recommendations

    LOL. Hmm, I have some small CSS repos on GitHub but nothing serious. They are not even worth to look, but if you want, here you go: Thank you so much for your motivation. To be honest, I am even "shy" to share my GitHub because I always feel, like whatever I do is...
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    I need some criticize and recommendations

    Hello, I need some criticism, reviews, and recommendation. Not about a specific topic. You can recommend me anything, I just want to discuss positively. I am 26 years old and going to marry after 2 months. I am working as an e-commerce specialist and web developer full-time. As a "web...