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    Domain & Trademark Questions

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    What do you ride?

    All great bikes, good for relief the stress on the weekends! Got a raven 06 r1 1000cc now
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    The oldest BHW Member?

    About to answer that but not everyone knows about Dave.
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    Journey to $100,000/month on YouTube in 2023 [at $45,000/m currently]

    Great thread! Any tips on keyword research or how to keep ctr avd high? I'm planning to open a motovlog channel (as a side hustle and fun) since I have a superbike and I want to buy some high quality equipment to produce top notch content. I'll be following this one.
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    Rate my opsec setup

    You need to specify each step to understand how good your opsec setup is. For example, on your laptop you should remove (hardware remove) cam, bluetooth, wireless wifi (anything that can screw you over distance) and this list goes on & on. In terms of OS, you should use one for opsec like tails...
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    What do you ride?

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    What do you ride?

    That's sick man! Do you wanna share any pics?
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    What do you ride?

    Love that 07 design! Sure shoot me a dm
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    What do you ride?

    Niceeeeeee! Do you have a pic? Which R6 the 2007-2009?
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    What do you ride?

    Cmon guys, someone around here must have a cool ride!
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    What do you ride?

    Just got this badboy - Let's share everyone's rides!
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    Namecheap or Godaddy?

    Namecheap, period. Godaddy it's complete trash
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    Firing Someone - How Easy Is It?

    In EU, there are multiple ways to fire someone: Few examples: 1. Increase the "experimental time period" in the contract - (The default period it's not enough to understand someone's behavior/atittude as a worker. You need to give them time to adjust and understand if that's the type of person...