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    Question about increasing my sales on my site

    Get a unique product at affordable price, but basically pay for adds to promote
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    Buy in to crypto now or keep waiting?

    First care about your living, then btc.
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    How many times you need to fail until you success?

    100 times fall and stand up again
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    Why are people so surprised that Bitcoin is crashing?

    Not surprised but waiting for lifting up again
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    Do yoy discuss about crypto offline?

    When you loose, not kinda willing to tell ppl about it (
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    Does Facebook Farming still works?

    Yep fb policy and restrictions are unpredictable sometimes
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    hello all

    Hey there. What’s up?
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    I just gambled $2.000

    Well fortunately you didn’t loose your living place
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    That’s great. Is there another option exact for Ukrainian?
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    Oh yes, hope it will work out
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    FB group became dead in a month

    Keep it active again
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    10K a month with music

    That’s great, wish good luck