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    Checking Internal Links

    Hey guys, is there a tool that checks for internal links and lets you know what pages link to what other pages, and how many times each page/post on your site has been linked to internally? Ideally something that only looks at the body of the article (not related posts or other links)? Thanks
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    Has web 2.0 died as a link building method ?

    If anything, link building is not as BIG of a factor as it used to be. It is part of the equation, but not the entire equation as it once was. Focus on better keyword research, content quality, topical relevancy and interlinking. If you get those things right then you can get away with fewer...
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    I suck at getting backlinks

    @ErrlyBird If you don't have money to spend then you may actually have to 'suck' to get some backlinks. There is no other way. Spend the money, it's not even that much when you do the outreach on your own.
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    Unsung, Upward, Universe, Uncovered - 4U - Editorial links + Niche Edits + Niche Outreach Guest Posts + News Links

    REVIEW Full Disclosure: I got a free DR 50 Guest Post link as part of the review Metrics: DR 50, 3.5K traffic (ahrefs) 3K+ Referring Domains Right off the bat, all instructions were followed. The anchor text was on point and the link was inserted in the begnning of the article. The content...
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    How does godaddy determine the domain name value?

    GoDaddy is the Sarkar SEO of domains.
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    Hello Everyone I'm Ahsan Shabbir Off-page SEO Expert's

    So you're an expert but you want to earn pocket money? Lol
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    $10 Million Per Month With Google Ads

    The only way to expand is to get more people. You may get burned along the way, but that is just the cost of doing business. The best way to do this is to work with someone from a Tier 1 country and move there yourself if you don't already live in one. Get a good lawyer and draft contracts, that...
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    how to create back links (step by step) ?

    1. Go to marketplace / approach relevant prospects 2. Open Wallet 3. Pull out a fat stack 4. Hand over the fucking cash 5. Wait for seller to setup your link / Provide article for a guest post or instructions on link insertion 6. Go through the waiting period until your link goes live 7. REPEAT
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    Need advice. Selling my laptop to someone who wants to pay me upfront via Paypal...

    Do you have ebay in your country? list it there and ask them to buy it off there. Remember, a seller can always get scammed. I would just sell it locally. Most of these shipping / paypal deals are scams and not worth it. Deal and sell local, meet at a police/fire station or inside a public library.
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    Failed Blogger with 350+ Keywords on First Page with Good Search Volumes - What's Next

    Keywords on the first page okay. What positions? are they top 3 positions or not? IF not, then you will have low CTR (in most cases) 400+ SV? where are you getting the search volumes from? (I will suggest using Keywords Everywhere) Can you post a graph of traffic from Jan to date this year?
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    For once I agree with google

    Tbh guys, I have stopped hiring content writers. I approach people on forums, Facebook groups and LinkedIn (people who work in my niche, who make a living doing what I am building a blog about). I explain to them what I am looking for and then see if they would be interested in getting on board...
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    Are expired domains losing charm?

    They have become expensive but 100% work if you exercise common sense. I will tell you from reading posts here that not everyone knows how to use them. If you're stupid then it's not going to work for you either. Building out a site on an expired/aged domain takes some work upfront. If you're...
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    How is your life as an online entrepreneur? (or whatever we are doing, is called) Mine is pretty grey

    For your resume, you can put whatever it is that you do, business owner etc. whatever you want and list everything you've done under it. You don't have to put a company because you are your own company. If you feel you're missing out on socializing, then meet people who are interested in...
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    What tools do you use to track on page SEO?

    What is it you are wanting to track for on page SEO? There are technical reports that look for certain things but honestly it's not black or white anymore. You don't need to repeat keywords in text (I never do and still rank), just have the kw or a variant in page title. Keywords don't have to...