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    Do you use AdBlocker to access BHW? It's not Cool!

    Yep, I do and I do not get those because I do not use Adblock. There are still signature ads which are fine for me. If I am paying a subscription, there should be at least an option in settings to remove ads.
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    How safe is to post videos downloaded from Instagram as your content?

    It's not illegal to do a compilation of 5 videos 5 sec :) It's fair use. Change audio as well and you are good to go.
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    Jarvee permanently CLOSED - Good bye fellas, thank you for everything

    Well, I am sure new tools will emerge.
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    Looking for VA $3/hr

    Interested as well, sent you a PM
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    What do you consider to be "Fuck you money" ?

    20 mins on a nice day is not that bad. And I can find a nearby non-branded coffee shop if there is a big line.
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    What do you consider to be "Fuck you money" ?

    Well even if I have FY money, I wouldn't pay 100 bucks for Starbucks coffee. Only If I am late for a meeting which would bring me $$$
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    I was able to partially gain my economic independence within less than a year

    Just diversify and keep scalling it up.
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    How did you EARN your First $100 & First $1,000 Online?

    Yep, this doesn't add up :)
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    Bullet proof name registrar? for domains privacy
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    Which AI tool to use in 2022?

    Just one thing you need to understand, Quillbot is made as a helper tool for writers, where you can get similar sentences according to the sentence context, and while both are AI writing tools they are not in the same category.
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    AI articles

    You can either spend quite a bit of money with AI tools, or you can build your own with a book sold here and have an extra cheap AI writer. But still, I would suggest giving a human touch to each article.
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    The Role of AI In Digital Marketing

    AI still works, even with new google updates. Considering the number of tools being made each day with AI in the background, it isn't going anywhere... I am worried that more and more jobs will get replaced by AI. I use some excellent AI tools, but still.