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    [Nargil's Expired & Premium PBN Domains] - TF/DA/Referring Domains Based

    Just got a premium domain from @Nargil he's my go to guy for good domains now. Service was quick and professional as always :-)
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    ✅[PAA] Selling my scraper/software + know-how (currently at $20k+/month) [confirmed by mods]

    When you say you use an aged domain can you expand upon what your definition of aged is? Would it be an expired one you picked up? Or a new domain you let settle in googles index with placeholder content for a few months?
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    Bangkok meetup

    It's mad from the UK as well. I went in may and it was 550 pounds return. Went in August and I had to pay 2300 return. I did book the may trip a few months in advance but still, it's a mad price.
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    Bangkok meetup

    I've just got back or I totally would
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    [Journey] 1 million UVs/month in 12 months using AI generated content. Let's do it!

    Sorry if these two questions have already been asked. I have read most of the journal but it's possible I missed them. 1. You say aged domains work better. I'm sure that's probably right but can I ask how you tested it and how you define better? Better as in they rank better or index quicker...
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    [Journey] 1 million UVs/month in 12 months using AI generated content. Let's do it!

    Have you noticed any difference in indexing or crawling if submit all your pages at once vs drip feeding pages?
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    [STUDY #2] Using indexing services from BHW on orphaned pages

    Does anyone know the different indexing methods these indexing services use?
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    Interesting thing that I noticed today - the S&P500 is quite strongly correlated to the Ad Revenue index

    Recessions are great if you have free cash though. "Distressed sellers" are great for finding real bargains. Cars, houses, websites etc.
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    [Journey] 1 million UVs/month in 12 months using AI generated content. Let's do it!

    Eoah Woah, that's a gem. I've always used the majestic million but it's full of spam, this is way better.
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    [Method] How to find the best posts in BHW

    Spent about 2 hours reading the best journeys today with the below. I would highly recommend it. journey "and 50..3000 others" -"approved"
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    Has Google's indexing become slow recently? I have a client complaining about this.

    If I remember correctly I think they masked the financial reasons behind the excuse of being more green
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    Yet Another AI Driven Blog in the Finance Niche - Target $60,000 a Month

    Good luck mate, I'm interested to see what Google thinks of this.
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    I am making money but I feel is not enough

    Have you considered using a fresh domain as a redirect domain for every link you post? Or even every 10 links. This sounds expensive but it doesn't have to be. So for example you could write some code to generate domains on * and then do a JavaScript redirect to your website. You...