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    What's the state of captcha solvers these days?

    Well, it's good that we can help you at least indirectly.. Good Luck! :)
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    What's the state of captcha solvers these days?

    So, didnt you use any of the recommendations? lol
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    What's the state of captcha solvers these days?

    I recommend DBC, i've been using it since i discovered it ... Try it!
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    Avoid Xvideos Copyrights with short videos works?

    It's likely, it all depends on the level of copyright that your video has.. But i doubt very much that on a page like xvideos they send you that notification lol
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    omg what is this?
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    Starting up!

    Welcome Sparks Good Luck!
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    Hey, Welcome to BHW men !
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    Verification for musicians

    Oh sorry bro :D
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    Verification for musicians

    I think Facebook ends up forcing you to verify your account placing the ad every second In Instagram it's different, you have to do it manually in Profile Settings.
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    The new DEATH BY CAPTCHA: Hybrid Human-OCR CAPTCHA Solving. $1.39/1K. 85% Correctness

    Gr33nHat asked me to post an honest review. Recaptcha v2 solving works neat! :)
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    I am deep deeeep deep down please help...

    Instagram is a source of income that will generate you very long term, with promotions to other accounts and others (for this you need thousands of followers to obtain these offers) I recommend you invest in a page like Bitcoin or something like that. You can also try freelancer.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome Buddy !! :)
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    Gmail account phone verifed service

    And with this type of email you can't create accounts on YouTube?
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    Hi everyone!

    The good thing is that he decided to enter lol! Good luck, i hope you learn everything that this forum has to offer!!