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    What is Lucid dreaming and why you should do it

    Hello sir, little bit of a misunderstanding here, I am a lucid dreamer but not the writing type. I tought it'll be a good idea to implement the topic on the lounge, unfortunately they have told me that someone have already talked about the topic on other thread
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    What is Lucid dreaming and why you should do it

    Around late 2014 through early 2015 I stumble into a very interesting topic: "Lucid dreaming" thanks to a friend of mine who had been trying to perform it with no success. We began to talk about lucid dreaming and I instantly became in love with it, it gives you the ability to "live" your...
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    Never got paid

    Court obviously
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    Stock market manipulation / penny stock scam
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    receiving payment through bitcoin, what should i know?

    You should know your wallet and that's it
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    [WHO] Plays Diablo 2, Cs 1.6, League of Legends.

    I used to play LoL a couple of months ago, I was really into it, I actually was really good. I managed to get to master on na servers with twisted fate and ezreal mid. Unfortunately I left the game since I have not much free time anymore, and also kinda bores me now.
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    Hey, I am Pan

    Nice, Amazon seems to be a great business right now. Welcome to BHW :)
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    Which network is this earning from?

    Noobs will take care of noob threads
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    Just made me some pasta :p

    Yeah it's ok bro made me laugh :p
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    Just made me some pasta :p

    Nah lol
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    Just made me some pasta :p

    Nah, I made it myself, that doesn't exist where I live, nice try though
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    Just made me some pasta :p

    Made me laugh for a while :D
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    Just made me some pasta :p

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    Simple Custom Bot

    I ain't talking to paper