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    How can I benifit from the expired domain I've purchased

    Hello to everyone. I've purchased an expired domain and started to write articles on it. What I have noticed lately is that I have backlinks from very authoritative websites, like business Insider. The problem is all those links are linking to deleted pages -when you click on them you'll get...
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    How can I overcome the language barrier?

    Hi everyone, I'm about to start my new blog in English. The problem is my English writing isn't that great. So do you advise me to postpone the blog and focus on improving my English, or should I learn English through blogging? I'm really confused, and I will be thankful if you provided any help.
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    Can I control the ads on my blog?

    Oh that's great! I didn't know that. Thank you my friend.
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    Can I control the ads on my blog?

    Hello to everyone, I have a problem with the famous ads platforms. They show many ads that go against my principles. So I want to ask if there is an ads platform where I can completely control the ads they can put in my blog and still can make good money from it?
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    Should I through away my Hosting subscription?

    Hi there, so I have a web hosting subscription from Hostinger, it's 4 years subscription. I bought it in the past for an affiliate website that didn't work. Now I'm about to start a new website, but I've heard lately that Siteground is the no. 1 shared hosting and that it helps your website to...
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    The "no link building" shcool

    Hello everyone, I'm about to purchase an expensive course that will empty my pocket :( .It's talking about making money through blogging So I was reading reviews on the best courses out there. And I narrowed down my options into two courses: The Authority site system" and "Project 24". I love...
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    Is self-improvement too hard niche?

    I should ask my question in this way: Is self-help a YMYL topic? and you've answered the question. Thanks, mate
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    Is self-improvement too hard niche?

    Hi there, I'm interested in making an affiliate website about self-improvement, but I read in a research that it's a very hard niche and not a beginner-friendly field. So do you think I can get into this niche and achieve success?
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    Outsourcing content creation for an affiliate website.

    Wow, you've summarized affiliate marketing in a small article. What an amazing effort, thanks mate.
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    Does the "Create and go" courses worth it?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a good course to improve my blogging skills. I found this channel on Youtube called "Creat & go". They have a successful business of learning people how to monetize through blogging. The problem is their courses are expensive -between $200 to $300- for each course. So...
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    Best content creation service that cares about SEO?

    Hi there. I'm about to build an affiliate blog, and I will outsource the article writing b/c my English writing skills isn't that great. I wonder which service is the best in both content quality and SEO aspects. Please help me if you know because I'm overwhelmed.
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    .info vs .org which is better for an affiliate website?

    Hi there, I need help with domain selection. I found two good domain names. One is ".info" and the other is ".org", which one is better for an affiliate website. Another question, for the same domain there is two available versions: one is connected and one is dash-separated (eg...
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    Serprising - Possibly The Best Content Writing Thread On BHW - 6+ Years - Free Review Copies

    My English isn't that good, and I can't find out the errors myself. Do you advise me to go with them? or it's better to go with professional websites?