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    Welcome to the BHW
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    I'm new here

    Welcome to the BHW!
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    easy international payments

    Payoneer is very useful and simple, the money sent comes within 30 minutes and the sender cannot withdraw it. Unfortunately, there is such a problem with paypal. Perfectmoney may also be preferred, but its interface is useless.
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    Can I make money selling Gmails?

    You can, but manually creating gmail is a long method, people who do this usually use bots and bots do phone verification.
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    hello , New hire..looking to make money

    Welcome to the family
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    Welcome to BHW Ann.
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    Binance launches new payment company Bifinity

    I'm not sure but it would be better if they also serve for small businesses in the beginning.
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    Binance launches new payment company Bifinity

    Binance announces new payment company Bifity and with this company all payment services like Visa and mastercard will be supported, it looks like something exciting. It seems to make it easier to use cryptocurrencies in daily life.
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    Need Email providers to create accounts

    You can look at sites that give a new e-mail address every time you refresh the page, and some of them also give a password. It's not a very reliable system, but I know one that might be useful, but I'm not sure if it's forbidden to share a link.
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    How many of you never owned any crypto ?

    I have not seriously invested because I do not have enough information. It's strange that there are a lot of people around me who have less knowledge than me but are constantly investing in crypto :)
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    Mining using AWS

    You can mine other coins instead of Eth, but that's not the point, there are tricks to make aws close accounts later and to earn more income, unfortunately there are not many resources to learn them.
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    when you know its time to quit a project?

    If you think that you can benefit more efficiently from the time you spend on a project, leave that project, but if there are still possibilities that you can improve this project, give yourself a certain amount of time and if you haven't been able to do anything in that time, leave that...
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    Do you have any advice

    Find yourself something to mess with and find someone new even if you don't want to, if you're not able to get back together with that girl.
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    Any guides about affiliate marketing

    Hello, are there any guides on affiliate marketing on the forum? I think there is a section with manuals but I couldn't find it.
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    Amazon dropshipping suspend question

    I'm not in a rush to sell and I don't quite understand what you mean by third party, but I am doing dropshipping from Amazon USA.