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    Adding all articles at once?

    This ^ as it's more natural to post 1 article per day instead of 7 in 1 day then nothing for another week. Link building is the same, add links as a drip fed style not all on 1 day.
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    What is this "Black Hat" backlinking method?

    These are hacked links nothing to do with SAPE mate.
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    New Here

    This is over 2 months old and OP last seen Aug 6, 2022
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    What is this "Black Hat" backlinking method?

    There are SEO providers out in the world who use hacked links to improve DA etc, so possibly this was used in that context.
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    Taking a loan to buy a website

    I'd not borrow money to buy a website.
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    What is this "Black Hat" backlinking method?

    They're probably hacked links, as the Royal Horticultural Society won't be linking to crappy clothing sites.
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    Do Backlinks really do something for SEO?

    Quality links are important but SEO takes time. It's not as simple as buy 1 link at 9 am Monday and by 5pm Friday it is indexed and your site has gone from page 8 to page 1.
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    DOGE - 10 x safe bet?

    I'd not touch these types of coins unless buying with your money.
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    How do you take card payment from clients?

    Stripe. Forget PP and also Stripe fees are cheaper too.
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    Human like AI voice vs own voice

    Boils down to = is it viable to hire a native English speaker ( if you want English spoken ) for this project?
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    Selling clarification

    People can send a PM asking to buy a service, but people cannot randomly send a PM offering to sell. So if you reply to a WTB and say I sell XYZ and another member sees that reply, then it would make sense they know you offer this and they want to reach out to you, without the need to open a...
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    {2 x 500 Words Free Review Copies} Web3 Content Writing Service

    I am in if it's 2x 500 words per person. If it's just 2x articles in total on FCFS then lock the thread mate :)
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    Hello guys, i am new here. Where do i start?

    Welcome and check this out;
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    Hello guys!

    Stop spamming with the same copy and paste replies. OP, welcome to the forum.
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    (Helpful Content Update) How are the AI Sites doing in the current Updates?

    Avoid the free themes some are still using.