I am Nazmul Hasan – a crazy marketer & blogger! I love to network with people & get them involved.

In online, I am known as Nazmul, At my very early age, I have engaged myself in online activities as it was a matter of attraction. Since these type of activities are not so easy to allow for my family they use to restrain me but I have been struggling. Finally, I have established myself in this sector.

Sharing thoughts and content is my favorite thing in online. I need people justify my thoughts and give me feedback. I think public opinion helps me to enrich my doctrines and observation.

I’ve been in the industry for 7 long years. Since 2010, to be specific.I have been a web developer from 2010 which is when I had registered my first company by the name Coxon It.Then I opened a hosting company named Coxwebhost, But I have failed to both startup.

I have ventured into different online businesses like offering SEO Services, website development services, web hosting & business consultation.I work on YouTube on Islamic and educational content. That means I’m also YouTube Content creator.

And I love photography too… It is where I let my creative juices flow. Unfortunately, I do not get time for this with whole lot other interests listed above

I spend nearly 12- 14 hours a day on my computer, out of which 8 hours is my full-time work and rest of the time, it is either reading new SEO update/research new strategy about all of the above or spending time with my wonderful family.

Nazmul Hasan
Professional Internet Marketer & Blogger
Crazy marketer & blogger