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    Need advice on how to do natural link building for 2022

    @branb141 My website is an educational blog with many different niches, mostly focused on self development skills, such as preppers advice. @blackbeans That's what I've been doing, but to get people to like my content they first need to know I even exist, and I'm not getting much out of social...
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    Need advice on how to do natural link building for 2022

    Here's something I thought about: getting PRL ebooks and inserting an article's link in the pages footer, then uploading these books to ebook directories, what do you guys think about this?
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    Need advice on how to do natural link building for 2022

    Quora seems good. But I'm afraid I won't be able to do much of what the other guy suggested. I don't want to rely on videos.
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    Need advice on how to do natural link building for 2022

    Please share your experience with me on what works best for you in 2022 when it comes to natural link building. What works best, not what works better. Please. :)
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    Is blogging dead in 2022?

    Are you running your podcast on your own platform or you're using a third party like YouTube?
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    Let's say you have 20 dollars, how to turn it to 1000 dollars within 3 months ?

    That's too little. One entire year of efforts to earn 20 bucks, that's not even fair if you ask me. Don't be a corporation puppy, use the ABLT method (Always Be Learning and Testing), don't limit yourself to Amazon. For now one thing you can do is investing in Bitcoin, but since Bitcoin right...
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    If you have a blog -> Make money with this METHOD.

    I don't see this as a genius strategy, it seems to me that's one of those methods that looks great in theory only. I'd like to see some profit proof and a list of guest posts that resulted from this method, please.
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    Is blogging dead in 2022?

    In my opinion the question shouldn't be "Is blogging dead?", it should be "How to please people nowadays with blogging?", because I've noticed that it's not that blogging is dead, it's that people are getting lazier and fast pacing (blame bad parenting for that). More and more people are looking...
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    I need an invite

    I need an invite to whatever good torrenting website you know, please send it to me. I need to upload psd templates.
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    Can't find good torrent sites for uploading

    I'm looking for a good torrent site for uploading, so far I haven't found any, as most of them are either with their registrations closed or they have a manual approval system. Please let me know your traffic sources for torrents, it doesn't necessarily need to be torrent websites.
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    How can I make money with torrents by selling my bandwidth?

    Well, I don't use my entire upload speed, so I'd like to know if there's any way that I could make money seeding torrents. Like I use an app where I define how much bandwidth I want to provide, then I make a few cents per Gb. I've seen this kind of thing before, but searching today I couldn't...
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    Need keyword ideas for Etsy like website

    I need 8 longtail keywords, the point is: People should find my website and use it to include their listings. So it may be something like "Free marketplace online", or "sell your vintage product for free", or "advertise your craft", the problem is that I tried those keywords that I've used now...
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    Need keyword ideas for Etsy like website

    So I'm running a website with an online flea market classifieds (market place), where people can browse for new/used goods, such as clothing, vintage, craft and DIY, and also publish their listings. Yesterday I hired a SEO company to optimize my website, and now they're asking for the keywords...
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    Please help me to find the right keywords

    Admin please delete this thread, I'll open a more clarified one.