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    Cops behind my building

    Leave your house & Don't look behind. Come back after a few hours and everything will be fine. This usually happens when the cops find out that you have a 1000 terabyte of porn stored in 100s of your HDD's & SDD's. They will just create a back up and leave.
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    YouTube Shorts Views decrease suddenly

    Youtube is going to monetize shorts videos as well. May be it's because of that.
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    Subreddit Help - How do I auto-approve my own posts in my own subreddit?

    There's no such thing as auto approve. They will be there in the unmoderated section if not approved even if a mod makes a post.
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    Sourcing models willing to do Onlyfans

    They probably receive hundred of such messages each day. The only way to get them talking is give them some money for their time.
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    Newbie Introduction

    Welcome to the forum. I'm new here too
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    Python bot - Having some issues with the path

    Hi there, I had python 3.10 installed but was having issues so uninstalled python 3.10 and installed python 3.9.9 I added python 3.9.9 to the "path" in environment variables but the issue is that the bot is still looking for python 3.10 path, So how do I change the path to 3.9.9 or how do I...
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    Guy took photos of himself for 4 years, selling NFT's

    And I don't even remember when I took my last selfie.
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    [METHOD] The Ultimate Guide to Making $500-$1000/Day Buying & Selling NFTs!

    I too feel the same. There's so much negative news articles about NFT's going on right now.
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    0 doses here

    I got vaccinated just to bypass the restrictions by the government.
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    Can sharing videos on reddit have a bad effect on ranking?

    Spamming reddit with youtube videos actually ruined one of my channels, never did after that.