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    [FREE UNLIMITED UNIQUE IMAGES] How I get 100% unique images for free, for all my blogs.

    too much hassle for the images that it creates. I tested it with the pets niche and it outputted all sorts of atrocities LOL .... creatures with 5 limbs, no heads, multiple tails, etc. It was so horrifyingly funny :D because you don't need images of real-life objects like I do. But yeah...
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    I have 1.000.000+ Impressions on 141 websites /month.

    I wholeheartedly disagree. Around 2014 when I used Statcounter it displayed the exact same data as GA to the point where I wondered whether they're downright copy-pasting that data from GA into their own UI lol 3rd party metrics can still be accurate we will see about this. I just found...
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    [FREE UNLIMITED UNIQUE IMAGES] How I get 100% unique images for free, for all my blogs.

    it worked for the first 2 images that I generated, but after that it returned error each time I tried to generate new images saying that it's busy and I should try again later. But I must say, I'm impressed with the accuracy of the images, I inputted an obscure keyword for which there are...
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    I have 1.000.000+ Impressions on 141 websites /month.

    point 7 seems retarded. What if the keyword that I'm targeting has no content on page 1 of google and all I need is 300-400 words to address the intent of that keyword? It makes no sense to split 300 words into H1-H6 tags. I also don't like your point about 3rd party analytics. I mean, I could...
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    Link Indexing - how does it work!

    i know. But it is what it is
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    Link Indexing - how does it work!

    it's usually a combination of RSS creation + social signals + URL shortners + other stuff and then pinging all of this stuff I've seen one of the indexing services that used to be popular (I don't remember which one, though) that explained their process on the homepage, so check out the top 10...
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    How does the sandbox work on mass page sites? 50k+ pages

    I never bothered checking wikipedia (or other sources for that matter) on sandboxing. I, too, spoke from experience and in my case the sandboxed sites were all big, fat ZEROS in terms of clicks, impressions, and traffic. But anyway, after checking your links I stand corrected and will have to...
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    How does the sandbox work on mass page sites? 50k+ pages

    as much as I respect your knowledge (and I do) I will have to disagree with you on this one :) sandbox is real, yes, but what you described is not sandbox. When your site is in sandbox you can't get any clicks, not even impressions no matter what you do (I mean, clicks and impressions from...
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    As newbie this is terrifying, when will blog post popped on keyword result?

    "your" keyword is also Susan's keyword, Tarik's keyword, Hans' keyword, Enrique's keyword, and probably 100s of other people's keyword. So, why would google choose YOUR site, specifically, to rank for that keyword? Who are you to rank on 1st page before anyone else? As you said, you're just a...
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    Namecheap with Litespeed Black Friday offer - Need your opinion

    even the 1st year is expensive for a BF deal, in 2020 when I took on their BF deal I paid $16 for the 1st year. After the 1st year, however.... be ready to pay at least 4-5x that amount if you have lots of sites, because the fuckers don't offer free SSL so they'll charge you $9 / year for each...
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    Epik domain registrar is under financial mess?? Time to transfer domain out?

    I only purchased 1 domain from them last year which I didn't use anyway, so I let it expire. But yeah, not gonna use Epik ever again given the many problems they're having...
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    How many are succesfully ranking right now with GPT-3 generated blog content?

    apparently this guy has ranked such content (video starts exactly at the 16:15 mark, so that you don't have to watch the entire video):
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    Google and YouTube Invest to Fight Misinformation - How this will change SEO?

    yep, that's how I see it too
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    What are your expectations from a webhosting service?

    but I have the right to have this expectation, right?
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    Are these websites indexable? Backlinks or not

    I know about the new accounts, that's what I had in mind when I said that it's not indexable (I've heard a few folks around the forum saying it). I didn't know about the old accounts, though...