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    Apps journey to 2k/day within a year

    Your eCpm is too low, I have an average of 6$, Banner problem is common. Next update host the ads to change whenever the banner is suspended. Good luck 2K$/day is very possible.
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    5000-10000$/per month with your own Movie Streaming Website

    please send sample
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    Happy Eid El Adha To All BHW Members

    Happy Eid Everyone! Keep killing it
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    What is your experience with Various SEO packages?

    Did you try the sherlock one? I saw a lot of good reviews and I'm thinking about buying it!
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    Reskinning android apps, Moroccan journey to 150$/day by January 2018

    hey bro good luck in ur journey ! i just wanna ask you ! are u using 1computer=google play account or you open all ur accounts in one computer !!