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    indian devs deadlines and issues

    i hired from a freelancer site, and really based it on the bid, initial pitch they made (as in their portfolio), ratings/reviews and also a short whatsapp video call to see they were who they claimed to be, spoke to their boss and main dev. I think what ppl are saying is right in that they prob...
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    indian devs deadlines and issues

    I do own the code yes. I am the project manager. The dilemma is that I know from experience that working with devs from 'cheaper' countries carries a risk. If they gave a valid excuse, if they made an effort to try to make me understand, it would be ok. But whats going on is that they wont...
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    indian devs deadlines and issues

    I hired a team of developers form india that called themselves professionals. They developerd an app on android and ios. But they went past the deadline by a few weeks. the end product though was ok. they have developed all the backend and front end. The problem is they ALWAYS miss their...
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    After 3 years on BHW- finally some $$$

    It not easy or always viable to scale up. I had an app that was making say £50 per day profit from £100 advertising for example... You would say why not spend £1000 and then you can make £500 per day easy right? But it doesnt seem feasible. The reason is on lot of ad networks even if you set...
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    gdpr effects on google analytics

    recently i switched to a new gdpr message plugin on WP. then noticed my GA traffic stats dropped by 1000-2000 views per day, quiet a lot. The thing with this gdpr plugin is that unless the viewer presses accept the code for the GA isnt run. So now users buying traffic to increase stats are...
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    Looking for genuine app installs from top tier country

    You can buy installs from adwords yes but the CPC seems to have increased alot. I used to get installs at £0.03 to £0.05 per installs (mainlky usa) about a year ago. Now those same installs cost about £0.12 per install. Same keywords and images etc... Also its hard to get a high daily volume...
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    Price Of Tiktok Views

    is buying view worth anything? makes your account look good maybe. but most of these views are low quality users or bots etc... whats the benefit of that? there will next to no likes/shares etc... another prob is that you could then get shadow banned. which means now none of your videos got...
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    GDPR & Consent For Adsense and simliar networks

    I had a cookie notice banner on my sites, but google emailed saying the message wording was not good enough for gdpr compliance and they asked for it to be fixed or action could be taken. Now in terms of adsense they have their own GDPR message which can be used to get consent to show...
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    Your Adsense Account + My Method

    anyone tried this?
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    How to get real traffic for adsense arbitrage

    revcontent is crap
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    Google Ads App Campaigns CPI or CPC

    Last year i created a app install campaign for a tool app and it was getting installs from usa at £0.05 per install and I was getting decent volume at about 600 installs per day. Its not great but it sort of maxed out and had to work within a budget. I then stopped that campaign. Then this...
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    Recovering money from token scam

    what i dont get is why sites still list this token and show its graph etc... its like they are hard to contact... even i tried their social media pages to report the scam coin and its still listed
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    How to multiply your crypto (2X - 3X) in TWO hours!

    after shiba launched on binance the value actually dropped and was low for a while. but in general its a good idea you can try but dont sell your house over the method...
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    Recovering money from token scam

    Recently I bought this token: 0xa033a49731b431cf009d4d72b4fbf0c15d8a501d The ticker was called VRA. Did some research (obv not enough..) and saw VRA was Verasity and it was established had lots of sites and was doing well. I bought it using BSC network. Value went up, was ok...till i tried...
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    shadow banned on adwords?

    The app was suspended because they decided the app did not function as described. However we showed them clear demonstration videos showing the app working, but they did not accept the appeal..... they rarely do.... There goes years of dev, marketing, ASO and promotion expenses down the...