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    Switching WP Themes on Active, Large Site? Do You Need VooDoo Magic?

    I've been working on this for a few weeks, and feel like i'm overlooking something. I consider myself pretty accomplished in IM and to not be able to do this is really frustrating! All I want to do is switch the Wordpress theme on a website. It's a very active website (300K visitors per month)...
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    I'm Seriously Interfering with Fortune 100 Product Launch; How/If to Capitalize?

    This site is exploding and it's my main focus moving forward, so not selling it for anything. Well....there would probably be an amount that could convince me. And yeah I agree, some random internet marketer is not on their "submit to extortion" list :P
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    I'm Seriously Interfering with Fortune 100 Product Launch; How/If to Capitalize?

    The Situation (Holy Sh*t) I run a website that has a product review section. Recently a Fortune 100 company in my general niche released a product into the sub-niche of my product review section. This was its first attempt to enter into the sub-niche that my website is in, and this sub-niche is...
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    $0.35 Articles ArticleRat™ Fastest TAT - 15 FREE Articles w/ Every Order!

    Have purchased 1500 articles from this supplier. Have used all over my Tier1 properties, including PBN and have seen NO deindexation despite all of the reports of people being deindexed. My VAs always have a seemingly endless amount of content to work with and I've been extremely satisfied. In...
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    If somone ask you what do you do for living?

    I've been split testing my response to this question. I either go with: 1. I sell ________ online (affiliate marketing) But then they think that I am actually the one dealing with inventory, customers and stuff. So then I have to explain affiliate marketing and they typically get confused by...
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    COSMO NAMES Buy Domains with Links from HUFFPOST, TECHCRUNCH, FORBES Power Your PBN

    Just placed a test order, will be ordering more in the future. It's all about the trust rank trust rank trust rank, hopefully this can be the service I was looking for.
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    22000+ Live Links! Smash Google Hit the BooM, Web2.0, Videos, Press Release, Social & More

    Trans ID: 6N104955UM269513J Just ordered, excited to see the quality of the links. Just needed some branding done on my site and it looks perfect.
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    Impossible healthcare costs for my high school youth minister, amazing woman...

    So this woman named Mary Jo was my youth minister back when I was involved with the Catholic Church. But she was never willing to bend to their closed-minded and ridiculous ideologies. She refused to teach us that gay marriage or abortion were bad, and had us explore other spiritualities. She...
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    Doge Links! TOTAL Link Diversity @ AFFORDABLE Prices! & FREE Dogecoins!!

    Hey can I get a coupon for the silver? Thanks.
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    ForumMongoose Market your business to 500 Million Targeted Forum Leads Daily

    Any samples I could check out? Otherwise just waiting for reviews from review copies if they ever come.
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    $0.35 Articles ArticleRat™ Fastest TAT - 15 FREE Articles w/ Every Order!

    Just placed an order for 500 articles. Been looking for a content provider of this nature for a while and this looks so much more promising than past solutions. Also very nice folks.
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    Your Own .EDU Blogs =-= Penguin & Panda Safe .EDU BLOGS Service =-= Starting $4.70 only!

    Hey interested in some samples. PM some over if you get a chance. Thanks!
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    Xrumer Vs GSA - Better tool for Churn n' Burn

    Unless you want to dive deep into the world of Xrumer mods, it's GSA all the way. It's a low one-time payment and it has huge capabilities. Why spend all that money and time on Xrumer just for forum profile links when you can buy blasts on Fiverr as needed? *Note: the Xrumer modding scene...
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    Gave up smoking now I vape!!

    Vaping has had an immeasurable effect on my life. E-Cigs and SEO hit me in the face right around the same time, and my life took a U-Turn. One month I was homeless, living on a friend's couch, even once picking up 3/4 of a used butts off the ground. That was in like October. By the time March...
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    Expired Domain Finder Tool

    This is a bit of speculation on my part but I would recommend bidding on the wave of domain auctions that end Saturday. You can scope them all out on Friday and decide which ones you really want. Then just set your phone alarm to remind you to get back Saturday like a half hour before the...