Before You Contact Me
  • Purple Username: If you want to know why I'm purple and not teal like the other administrators, you can read about it here.
  • Weekends: I do not have standard weekends off. Instead, I take Thursday and Friday off.
  • Marketplace Reviews: I only review services that have been submitted to the marketplace for approval through the @imodbot account, alongside the rest of the marketplace staff who use this account. I do not review services outside of the initial approvals. Additionally, I do not discuss my reviews, the review process, or the marketplace with forum members.
  • Private Messages: I have nearly 6,000 conversations and 50,000+ messages in my inbox, so my responses may not always be prompt. Casual conversations will not be entertained. I also do not discuss forum processes or future updates one-on-one with members. If you receive a rejected report, do not contact me in an attempt to circumvent the reporting system (these messages will be ignored).
  • Marketplace Services: Due to my marketplace moderator position on the forum, I do not offer service recommendations.
  • Shit Lists: Whilst I pick up shit list threads occasionally, I do not handle shit list threads by request due to time constraints.
  • Business Inquires: Before I became a moderator, I stopped offering services here on the forum due to my own personal preferences. After becoming a moderator, I decided not to offer any services to better serve the community. Therefore, I do not offer services on Black Hat World or to Black Hat World members.
  • Signature Space: After becoming an administrator, I stopped renting out my signature space to members on the forum. Therefore, any requests to rent out my signature space will be denied.
  • Joint Ventures: I do not enter JVs with forum members (as you can guess, due to my administrative position on the forum), therefore all joint venture proposals will be rejected.
  • Support Requests: Contact me via PM. I do not offer support through Skype, Slack, Discord, etc.
  • Forum Suggestions: Please do not contact me with forum suggestions as it's not in my power to implement them. Instead, use the forum suggestions and feedback section.
  • Contacting Me Outside Of Black Hat World: Don't even think about it. I don't provide any identifying information to the members of the forum.
  • The Zwielicht Website: I had a website linked to my account, although I removed this link due to the number of members soft-selling me their services for what was clearly stated to be an incomplete website.
Biography & Duties
A thirteen-year veteran in the online marketing industry, I own and operate an online marketing company in Southern California. I have a relatively quiet life outside of work and enjoy a wide variety of hobbies.

My duties on the forum include, but are not limited to: Technical queries, username changes, account detail changes, marketplace reviews, rule violations, reports, moderation approvals, moderator management, process development, thread edits, shit list disputes, spam management, forum management, forum support queries, and support desk tickets.

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Southern California


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