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    [GET] Viral Plugin for just £1 / month

    I would like a review copy
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    Social Proof App - Increase Conversions and Boost Growth - Onetime Deal Special!

    Please count me for a free review copy if it's not just reserved for Jr.VIPs.
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    Are there the student invites from edu/teacher account?
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    Dude, why do you answer everything in private? Either you won't respond or even quote a comment telling that you have responded over PM. This is making me think again and again. I checked to know if those are Teacher account, student invites and I wasn't able to know find that out, so don't...
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    Master Reseller Hosting - $4.5/mo | Reseller Hosting $3.73/mo - SSD +Instant, 1Gbps -Dewlance®

    Guys, do you still have issues with support? It's been 2 weeks and no reply from the support. I don't know if support requires a post here to get a reply as well. It has happened many times. EDIT: I am not mentioning the support ticket number, as I have experienced this previously and maybe...
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    [Journey] Scaling an Authority website to 10K a month (and beyond)

    Sorry, I meant to say that it's time for the monthly progress and updates.
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    Free Degital ocean with 100$ credit and 650K of clean USA Datalist

    Interested, if it's still available.
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    3 Months cPanel Hosting for $0.80

    I even doubt they are up for a year. The domain has been registered in the end of 2019, but they might have started very recently. Did you contact them? Let me see what they will answer me. A rep gave me direct official contact email, which she said will be checking regularly and can send her...
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    3 Months cPanel Hosting for $0.80

    I am not defending or supporting the host. But, I got instant access to my hosting details as soon as I signup from them. Yes, who know where it goes. I am just leveraging the offer and hosting some temp sites, which I am not afraid of losing.
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    [Journey] Scaling an Authority website to 10K a month (and beyond)

    The D Day is here. Waiting to see what I can learn.
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    3 Months cPanel Hosting for $0.80

    Yes, both of them who closed down here were back again and guess what? One came with the same name, but instead of "server", it was "host" in the name and when I contacted them, the owner had the same name. I remember the name cos, I did business with them for a 6 long months.
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    3 Months cPanel Hosting for $0.80

    Yes, it was, at least until I realized I have the backup in disguise.
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    3 Months cPanel Hosting for $0.80

    I agree with you. The shared hosting is just to start. Once you are up and running, I would always suggest to learn the basics and shift to VPS. A $5 VPS with a decent enough configuration along with a free panel like hestia control panel, which I use is more than enough. But, when you are...
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    3 Months cPanel Hosting for $0.80

    Fortunately, I was not the one who developed the sites, but my VA. I was mind blocked for a couple of days ignoring to reply them, but suddenly flashed that I got the backup and restored everything, apologized them all and offered them free extension of hosting to compensate and this time lesson...