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  1. knopper

    Is ChatGPT going to Eliminate Google's Search Results?

    go ask the chat gpt, who owns twitter :p
  2. knopper

    YOUTUBE AMA (i know everything)

    OP, can I send you a DM? we have a YouTube channel with 380k subs (pure organic). I would like to get some info if you can spare some time.
  3. knopper

    [COURSE] How to make money with Youtube and Content Locker - Making Video Proofs, Ranking Videos, Choosing Niche - OGYTCOURSE.COM

    Are you going to discontinue the course if the person gives you the money which is worth stopping the sales? If Yes, will the method get updated in the future or not?
  4. knopper

    [VIDEO] Indian Student Caught Trying To Cheat, Funny!

    And The maximum number of IAS officers in India are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
  5. knopper


    Yeah, Udemy provides that certification.
  6. knopper

    [METHOD] How I boosted my Facebook Page Post Engagements up to 7830% in 1 DAY

    I will try this. Looks solid for the sports niche.
  7. knopper

    I just found out I legitimately have a psychological disorder, and you probably have the same one.

    I don't really feel comfortable seeing images like these (the first two) as they cause pain to the person in the real world. The third pic is just Okay!
  8. knopper

    WordPress Category as Page

    This doesn't help - It's an outdated plugin, with no updates. I'll check this one. Thanks.
  9. knopper

    WordPress Category as Page

    Hello Guys, I'm building a website where I want the category to be a page that can be edited by gutenberg or elementor. Unable to find plugins that can do this job. Any Help? Thanks.
  10. knopper

    I was Supposed to Post- Bye Bye Chinese Toys

    SANDES - google it ;)