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  1. praetserge

    301 an Established Site to a New Domain?

    Just do 301 wild redirect and the new domain should be ranking within 1 month. Done it, seen it. It's called "rebranding" if you want. PS: make sure you do 301-redirects correctly.
  2. praetserge

    March Core Update is Finished Rolling Out

    I lost some with the previous core update... so with this update impressions (and clicks) are over 100% up. On 16/3 started getting a bit of traffic from "Discover" as well. I still have a lot of work to do but I'm happy with this update.
  3. praetserge

    What are the risks associated with using a PBN for SEO?

    As mentioned above. It's OK to buy PBN links but... if you are planning to pay $20 for 10 links then those links are not good even for old sites.
  4. praetserge

    WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy”is now out

    I've finally get a notification... but not sure. Wonder how many people already installed the new version.
  5. praetserge

    AI created SEO websites are losing traffic after google update?

    Google say many things. Something like: "Links are not important... just concentrate on content"
  6. praetserge

    Is it true if you have a backlink on website that was panelized you'll lose all the juice?

    There are mainly 2 penalties. 1. Site doesn't rank... so not sure how useful a backlink would be. 2. Site is de-indexed... how can google pass any juice if the site is de-indexed? My 2 cents.
  7. praetserge

    What Do You Think Of Referral Traffic From ChatGPT And Similar AI Platforms?

    Exactly, you can't block them as they use cached version of your site. chatGPT doesn't need to visit your site either as it already has the data and it can always use bing's cache in the future.
  8. praetserge

    Can I rank with this method?

    I assume you're using shared hosting... so there are hundreds/thousands of websites on that IP. As mentioned above, if you don't interlink then you'll be fine. You can easily use CloudFlare (or any other CDN) to change your IP.
  9. praetserge

    How do SEMRush and Ahrefs estimate site traffic

    1. Maybe, they own some popular extensions. 2. Not so long ago they advised webmasters to connect their GSC to Ahrefs.
  10. praetserge

    How do SEMRush and Ahrefs estimate site traffic
  11. praetserge

    Which SEO metrics are the most important to you in 2023?

    1. Just like you, for me the most important metric is organic traffic. 2. But I also want to have strong DA/DR so the link passes more link juice itself. 3. Relevance of the site/page.
  12. praetserge

    My competition is strong

    I understand the point. But... their competition is strong. Good luck doing negative seo for wikipedia LOL
  13. praetserge

    My competition is strong

    Check the marketplace on this forum... so many sellers
  14. praetserge

    Bought New EMD Domain and it Has already backlink Profile?

    3 reasons: 1. wayback machine didn't pick up anything 2. somebody was thinking of buying this domain and decided to build some links before actually buying it 3. it's emd You need to look at their link profile... what are those links?
  15. praetserge

    My competition is strong

    Buy yourself some good backlinks... why them?
  16. praetserge

    ☑️REAL OUTREACH GUEST POSTS - With a BIG Difference! ☑️ Premium Pro Media is BACK ☑️ SALE ON! ☑️

    REVIEW Mind Blowing. This is probably the strongest link I've ever managed to get in terms of traffic and backlinks. Let's start with stats And now, let's look at the traffic stats: * The link is d0follow so a lot of link juice here. * The article is well written and structured and over 700...
  17. praetserge


    REVIEW I received a review copy. * In total, I received 10 links from 10 most popular Web2 properties. * At least 2 articles on each property. * Each article has internal and external links, to make linking more natural, links to other sites were used. * The seller provides login details so you...