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  1. The Block Box

    The BlockBox is now part of the Black Hat World

    Hi, we are actually an entire team sharing our experiences here on BHW! We exchange in answering sometimes :) Thanks. We have had more work in the field of software and app development lately, are you?
  2. The Block Box

    Python or PHP and Django or Laravel, Which should be learnt for a new Developer

    I think the best way to go about it is to check out what software companies in your area are looking for the most. But, if you’re just starting out, and you’re simply looking to see what’s the best starting point, I believe that whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Say you’ve chosen Python...
  3. The Block Box

    %51 Attack on Blockchain

    A 51% attack is basically a double-spend attack where you need 51% of the hashrate for it to work. If you own 51% (or more) of the total computing power of a network, you can reverse any transaction that’s happening on the network. You can also choose which transactions appear in blocks, so...
  4. The Block Box

    Does blockchain wallet has Bugs Currently?

    Hey, I know it’s been a month since this post was published, but I’ve been having the same issue for the past two days. I’ve also tested out making a transaction with ETH, which works, so the issue is with BTC only. I came across a Wired article written this month that they had some security...
  5. The Block Box

    The BlockBox is now part of the Black Hat World

    Hi, guys. Welcome to my first post. Yay! I’ve been lurking from the shadows on this blog for at least three years. Since I’ve learned so much from this wonderful community, I thought it was finally time to pop up and say hello. I’m a developer for the Blockbox, and I usually deal with mobile...