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  1. Faceless81

    Wise and etsy

    Yes, if you link accs with different names wise will reject transaction! Create account with same name and it will work
  2. Faceless81

    ETH or BNB?

    Both are good for long investments! But if i can choose only one I would choose ETH now
  3. Faceless81

    What would you do if you had $10k in crypto?

    BTC and ETH! They will grow after the new year! It's time to buy them! Btc will be worth at least $ 25,000 until March and maybe more
  4. Faceless81

    Is it safe to trade crypto with cash using payoneer?

    You can use F&F transfers on paypal,so your partner will not be able to make refund.
  5. Faceless81

    Got scammed using crypto, can I get it back?

    All crypto recovery services on google are scam
  6. Faceless81

    Wise virtual card: how long does it take them to issue it?

    Usually it takes few minutes
  7. Faceless81

    Credit Card - Cryptocurrency

    Hey mate ! Have you used a paywithmoon card? what can you say about it?
  8. Faceless81

    What has been your biggest crypto loss? :(

    In March, I kept funds in bitcoins when they were worth 40k + !!!! Well, you can see for yourself how much they cost now! Of course I did my best to lose as little as possible.
  9. Faceless81

    Credit Card - Cryptocurrency

    seriosly? I think all services requires KYC for issuing card
  10. Faceless81

    What has been your biggest crypto loss? :(

    About $9000-10000
  11. Faceless81

    Crypto Price by Dec 2022

    BTC above $30000
  12. Faceless81

    Can I use Wise stealth account without worry

    there is always a risk
  13. Faceless81

    New here :)

    Hello mate!!!Welcome!!
  14. Faceless81

    How to cash out $20k in BTC

    Yes EU coinbase account
  15. Faceless81

    Which browser can replace Chrome in future and why ?

    Vivaldi browser not bad
  16. Faceless81

    How to cash out $20k in BTC

    Binance or coinbase
  17. Faceless81

    Spain virtual number

    Smsplaza or numero
  18. Faceless81

    How to avoid scam in guest posting?

    Use trusted escrow
  19. Faceless81 or coinbase?

    Coinbase better 100%