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    << Seeking SEO Super Affiliates

    The site is not intended to be too flashy. We decided to go with an eCommerce site recently to enable affiliates to have full control of placing orders and tracking their sales/payouts on the backend. We have sales reps who prefer phone sales as well as we are growing in online traffic...
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    << Seeking SEO Super Affiliates

    I have just sent you a PM with all the details.
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    After Effects?

    Thanks everyone! I had a feeling but wanted to check for time management reasons.
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    << Seeking SEO Super Affiliates

    The commissions are 30% for life (life of the client) which we have about a 70% retention rate. So if you sell the $1,499 package, you will receive $449.70 every month. I will PM you the details.
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    Is Amazon the best for monetizing?

    Yikes!! Thanks for the heads up. I thought creating in a new forum would create different responses. Eek. Will not do that again :sad:
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    Using Mailers

    I just decided to test out mailers for a new business I started. I am going to see what happens. Anyone have any great response or horror stories with this medium of marketing?
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    Is Amazon the best for monetizing?

    Haha, ya you replied to my other one. I realized that I might get more information on the monetizing forum.
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    Is Amazon the best for monetizing?

    I am using Amazon and eBay right now for most of my monetizing. Seems like Amazon is performing a ton better than eBay. Is anyone seeing the opposite results?
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    Top Ten Article Directories?

    Quick, I'd like to hear your opinions on the top ten article submission directories.
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    After Effects?

    I am beginning to learn After Effects and have already done some amazing videos. Before I dive too far into the program I want to know if there are better video creation programs out there.
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    Best Facebook App Creator

    I am curious as to which facebook app creator or company is best. I have an app I need to create or have created for me and would like to know the community input. Thanks everyone.
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    Ebay Affiliate vs Amazon Affiliate

    Anyone with experience in both of these affiliate programs have any advice on which program pays out better? I want to know which one I need to focus on.
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    CLAD Reviews

    Does anyone have experience with CLAD for craigslist? I am interested in using the product but am nervous to test it due to the price involved.
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    Looking for new affiliate company

    Can you get new business traffic?
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    Paypal account closed....WTF do I do now?

    Yes, other than having your parents try to finagle something for you, I think you may be out of luck.
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    << Seeking SEO Super Affiliates

    We are an SEO company looking to expand our sales force to affiliates. You will receive 30% residual commissions for every client you signup for our SEO services. And that is for the life of the client. We are a serious company and take pride in our professional services. Our clients stay with...
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    Just broke 1,000$ in my CJ account!

    If you go on fiverr you can find Network Marketing Leads for a awesome price. I have had huge success from using these leads with CJ and CB affiliate offers. I do roughly 4-5K each month. Just go search for "internetpros" on fiverr and you will see a guy on there that has over 2 million...
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    How To Scrape Emails in Money Making and MLM Sites..

    There is a guy on fiverr under the username "emailleads" that offers a ton of network marketing email leads. Has anyone tried this? I would look into it.
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    [JOURNEY] Path to building a large RESIDUAL income with MLM (Network Marketing) and IM.

    I noticed there are some good resources for network marketing leads on fiverr the other day. I would definitely look into this.