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    I liked the way it assumed people can't remember that many numbers, despite it literally being five dates, and didn't think they could have just noted it down somewhere secure, or remembered a part of the sequence each, or any of the myriad other options than tattooing it on your body.
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    There's a big difference between making things happen faster to keep it entertaining and completely making up nonsense to solve the case. I can't stand the other CSI shows but I like to assume the tests they run etc do actually exist and work, more or less, the way they say they do. I probably...
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    Is anyone watching this show? How accurate or misinformed is it?
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    Alphabet - Easy as XYZ

    ABC.XYZ By now, you?ve probably heard the big news coming from Google. In a bizarre Back to the Future-esque development, Google are creating their own parent company as part of a structural overhaul for their business plans. The new entity has been given the enigmatic, all-encompassing name...
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    Newbies Guide to Niche Marketing

    This thread should answer any questions you have: But yes, as MarketingwithRa said, it's because I'm special.
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    Please Mind the Gap - Getting Money

    Please Mind the Gap In principle, there are three things that are essential to starting a new business: an idea, a good team and most importantly, money. Yet, despite being the most important aspect, finding capital is the hardest part. In the event that our own savings won?t cover the costs...
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    Infographics When the pressure?s on to create great content with a quick turn around, it can be easy to fall into a pattern. 500 word articles, one after the other, quickly become the staple and soon, without even realizing it, we?re bored of our own content. And when that happens, our readers...
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    The One Online Marketing Technique That May Actually Increase Bounce Rates!

    The Most Counter-Productive Technique Marketers Use to Gain Subscribers The Pop-Up Problem Many online marketers are willing to try anything to get people to subscribe, but some of our efforts can actually put customers off. Spam is the first to come to mind, but I?m talking about something...
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    Newbies Guide to Niche Marketing

    Newbies Guide to Niche Marketing Niche marketing can be extremely rewarding. Many online entrepreneurs regard it as the easiest way to get started in the marketing world. So what exactly is it? Niche marketing is exploiting a particular subset of the market for a very specific product, such as...
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    Web Analytics: Newbies' Introduction

    What is Web Analytics? Web analytics is the measurement, collation, and analysis of web data, used for enhancing web pages and optimizing usage. Web analytics monitors the traffic to and use of different pages and features on a website. This allows reports on how many visitors to your site...
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    Alright WTF is going on...

    Maybe it's a trust thing? The first message sends you to the actual PayPal service, so you're less likely to question details in subsequent messages. Just a thought.
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    If you died today and ......

    The last text I received was an essay, but if I use just the last line: "...swallowed by the ground. Goodnight!"
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    FREE LOGO DESIGN [Freebie]

    I'm interested if still available.
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    Newbies Guide to Facebook

    Facebook Tips for the Social Marketer The most recent projections say that Facebook, as a social media platform, is losing members. Since 2013, teens in particular have been using the platform less and less, with newer channels like Instagram and Twitter taking priority. And yet, Facebook is...
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    Out-rank amazon and ebay?

    I'm not sure it'd be worth the effort anyway. Contrary to popular belief, people do notice the top three or four results. If they see a relatively unknown site at the top and Amazon just below, most people are gonna click on the number two result. Especially if yours doesn't show the star rating...
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    Twitter Cheat Sheet

    Twitter Best Practice Tips Brands and organizations are beginning to see the benefits of Twitter, and are realizing that in the current climate, ignoring social media could mean losing out on a huge scale. Early uptakers have proven that Twitter is a formidable tool when used as part of an...
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    How to Use LinkedIn - Cheat Sheet

    I don't think the ultimate return from LinkedIn is monetary. It's perhaps better for connections. How much does it cost you to set up a LinkedIn profile? Weigh that against the value of potential clients, customers, partners, experts in your industry etc. And that's before any substantial...
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    How to Use LinkedIn - Cheat Sheet

    LinkedIn Tips for the Social Marketer In recent years, LinkedIn has grown exponentially. Added features and capabilities have drawn in new audiences from almost every industry, allowing businesses and individuals alike to connect with a wider audience than ever before. The platform has...
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    How to Make the Most of Content

    When you consider how often you see and hear that famous phrase about content (I won't repeat it), it's incredible to see how poorly sites utilize the skills of their writers. More and more often, written content is limited to a few informative pages which are rarely, if ever, updated and a...