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    Anybody used Archivarix?

    Their product is nothing short of magic. At first, it seemed too good to be true but it works exactly as advertised. The support was helpful and prompt, and all my questions were answered in less than a minute with detailed answers/steps. I highly recommend them.
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    Can you share the available domain names? I can only see 3 available.
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    How is Google able to differentiate bw AI and Human content?

    I don't think they've developed it, the last I heard, they just did some research on it. I'm not sure how developing this technology will help them make money. Even if they do, I doubt it will be open-sourced. Remember, Microsoft has invested in OpenAI. I think MSFT could probably use the tech...
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    How is Google able to differentiate bw AI and Human content?

    This makes perfect sense from Google's point of view. They are here to make money, they don't really care who write the content. If AI is able to generate better content than humans and if the users find it useful, what exactly is the problem?
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    Clone ChatGpt

    It uses davinci-03 which is trained on GPT3 while ChatGPT uses GPt 3.5, it’s not the same. I tried it and the results with underwhelming even with fine tuned models.
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    [GUIDE] How I rank top1-3 with high difficulty keywords with brand NEW domains.

    How are your recipe blogs doing? What kind of traffic are they receiving now?
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    What's with MediaVine/AdThrive and Food Blogs?

    That's what I'm trying to figure out. I'll probably share my findings here.
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    What's with MediaVine/AdThrive and Food Blogs?

    Thanks. I meant how many impressions/click do you receive on your best recipe site? I was asking what kind of RPM you get.
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    What's with MediaVine/AdThrive and Food Blogs?

    Thanks for linking to the post. I'm doing some research, if you don't mind, do you think you can answer these questions? Once I'm done, I could share the research with you What kind of traffic does your best site receive? What's the average RPM? How many recipes does your top site have?
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    What's with MediaVine/AdThrive and Food Blogs?

    I was analyzing top blogs on Mediavine/Adthrive with low DA and high traffic (100k organic) and I see roughly half of these websites are food/recipe blogs. I read an article about how recipe blogs are one of the toughest niches to crack for newcomers yet I see a lot of these food blogs that were...
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    [Nargil's Premium Domains] - For Money Sites & PBNs - 1000+ Satisfied Customers

    Can I have the new list with domain names please?
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    [Free Review Copies] Kaizer PBN Backlinks Services

    Interested. I’ll leave and review and will also buy your service.