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    [AMA] About Anime/Manga/Movies/TV Show Streaming Websites

    is everything custom coded? or you using public scripts?
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    [My journey] Growing an Instagram account from 0 - 50k followers in 30 Days

    perhaps you could try monetizing with smartlink?
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    What type of proxies I need? (residential, rotational...)

    Hello, I am sorry if this post is not in the right subforum, please admins move it if it is not. Basically I am wondering what proxies should I look to buy - I am running a software that emulates android phones which will do different set of actions. I plan on running more than 50 phones at...
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    Botify // Android Automation Software - Youtube View Bot - Social Media Account Creator

    I purchrased the software recently, and I gotta say everything works just fine. The views are not dropping so far and also there is plenty of room for monetization with the program. I am currently testing YT views and CPA. For anyone who has some creativity or alredy has a working method but...
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    [Newbie] CPA Journey - LP results so far

    which social channels are you targeting? wish you best of luck!
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    ASK me anything about python

    What is the money-making method that includes python and its automation powers? Something that can be scaled and runned on a server 24/7 and it is guranteed to earn some bucks? How to patch the selenium browser driver in order to make it undetectable by bot security measures? What is the...
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    Click Fraud Service/Bot permitted on BHW?

    TO BE ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey, dont give up on your journey :D What do you think of using selenium? Wish you best of luck, hope you recover your earnings
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    How to Make (Re-hash) a TikTok Video Unique ?

    Idk what you are doing exactly, but for the gaming niche you should try not just reposting the videos, but maybe download some long gameplay and separate it with moviepy, after that add 3-5 effects that dont change the video as much like coloring one pixel, watermarking, adding outro, trimming...
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    You want to automate your idea and scale it up to the moon ? Im Here to collab ! ( Pro Automation developer )

    hey I alredy messaged you on telegram and you told me we will begin soon. i guess you wasted both of our times
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    [JV] My python automation skills + your monetization methods

    Also I am not really sure If I am allowed to post my contacts in here, but here is my telegram : @mnt_mnt111
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    [JV] My python automation skills + your monetization methods

    Hey there, I have posted several JV posts here on the forum but all of them failed due to not taking the projects seriously. It is really hard to find reliable partners in today's time. But I am far away from giving up so here I am again: Looking for someone who has an idea/method that is sure...
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    How to make $100/day through CPA using YouTube

    Clearly if you dont post the earning proof you were asked, you are making fun of yourself. Please delete the post
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    Uniqueizing video with ffmpeg | My experience in creating YouTube Doorways

    amazing thanks for the tread! looking forward to the detailed guide :D