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    [Case Study] Maximizing the Potential of Google Discover

    Lets go ! Let me on the list.
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    Im neW

    Welcome Venomiz, I hope you enjoy !
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    I need a solution to bypass the amazon affiliate ban

    I did but its also banned in 3 day.
  4. IronBots

    Amazon Closed My Associate Account

    Same things happened to me. My first account was banned directly because I used the Amazon logo in the Twitter Header. They said I could reapply. After a while, my new account was closed because of my old account. This time I opened it in the name of another family member and this account was...
  5. IronBots

    Amazon Closed My Affiliate Account

    Any updates ?
  6. IronBots

    Looking for Affilate Program Advices

    Hello Everyone ! My journey with Amazon is over. For very silly reasons, they closed my account without even warning. I am looking for affiliate programs like Amazon where I can advertise on social media (Twitter, Reddit, Telegram). I'm open to suggestions for programs that I can use for any...
  7. IronBots

    Now that my Amazon affiliate account is banned, what options do I have?

    I was scraping all products from Amazon very easy. Is there any affilate network like this? Also I'am using social media to promote links. Many affiliate domains are prohibited from sharing.
  8. IronBots

    Now that my Amazon affiliate account is banned, what options do I have?

    I was using Payoneer also. When I create a new bank account from Payoneer, my name in my banned account will appear again. Wouldn't that be a problem? Sorry for asking so many questions in a row. Banning ruined my whole plan. You have registered with Amazon with a new address. Did you use a new...
  9. IronBots

    Now that my Amazon affiliate account is banned, what options do I have?

    My account got banned too. If I use a different name while registering but withdraw money to the same bank account, will I be banned?
  10. IronBots

    Reddit - Owned Communities

    Yes there was 4k member. Its converting very well. I just started again with aged account from 2018 and my post cycle went to per 30 min. I hope it wont be banned again. sheesh?
  11. IronBots

    Reddit - Owned Communities

    I'm using Reddit API for posting. Do u need to use Proxie?
  12. IronBots

    Reddit - Owned Communities

    Hello, I am sharing amazon products with a reference tag to a sub that I created. With my old account, I posted every 2 minutes for 4 months without any problems. Even if I post every 10 minutes with my newly opened accounts, after a while, my account is shadowbanned. All this time I have been...
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    [Journey] Adult Tube

    Good luck with journey.
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    HI, Friends

    Hey Welcome to BHW !
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    Accidentally deleted my website

    This is why you should pay 1-2 $ for auto backup to hosting. I hope you'll get better soon.
  16. IronBots

    How to avoid Banned on Pinterest

    I created a bot for posting Amazon products with images and affiliate links. However, my accounts are getting banned despite my bot only posting every 30-35 minutes. What can I do to prevent this?
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    Hello, im gsuiteku

    Hello gsuiteku ! Welcome to BHW.