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    Pages Changing To Crawled Not Indexed

    Did you make changes to those pages, pages internally linking to them, or global changes to the site? Sometimes google seems to take pages out of the index with changes until it can reindex them. If you put them in the priority queue they should be reindexed quickly.
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    All my blog keywords dropped and disappeared from Google search results, Please Help!

    It may be an actual penalty but not necessarily. If you dumped 31k links on 721 domains you may have tanked your link profile by a combination of link velocity, poor link quality and having too many links referred by too few domains. Is this site new? I've seen google pull entire young sites...
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    TikTok Organic - Multiple Account Strategy?

    I've seen people say tiktok monitors MAC addresses--but I don't know if that's true. I would assume they monitor the history of logins into a single download. In addition to logging in and out, you can delete the app off the device and reinstall to get a clean copy ideally with every move. It's...
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    Tiktok: Computer VS Phone

    I've posted on pc through chrome and got decent views. The big problem with the browser version is the lack of features that can help you get more views.
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    TikTok views stuck at 220+

    Not a shadow ban. You're just stuck at the bottom rung. Tiktok initially spreads a new video out to 200-300 people. If it doesn't get good engagement and view time, it doesn't go out to a wider audience. One of the key factors for the algorithm is whether you keep people watching through more...
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    Instagram Automation

    If you have a business account on IG you can automate up to 75 posts at a time for free directly through the meta studio. If you need engagement automation too, that seems to increase the price significantly.
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    [Journey] Grow my Instagram to 50K Follower using reels (results, tips etc.)

    Engagement seems to help even if it's DMs coming off a post. If you get somebody to DM you, you have an open channel to market to them through DMs or retarget them with ads if that is part of your strategy.
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    [HELP] Promote instagram growth service with facebook ads

    Why not advertise directly on instagram? Not everybody/business on fb cares about growing an instagram following.
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    Google releases March 2023 broad core update

    Between Feb and March I've seen movement in my niche. My more established sites didn't see movement and one hit hard last summer/fall is maintaining slow improvement. A newer site, related to a local business, got kicked hard at the start of February on the top keywords which are all highly...
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    Can a GMB be verified with a virtual phone number?

    I was able to verify a virtual office with a voip using phone verification. Took some work to get done.
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    Which offline business need no online presence at all ?

    Sure, lots of businesses don't have a presence or they have a google profile they don't know about. Like, gas stations don't need a website or social media presence because their business is entirely based on drive-by traffic.
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    Is this normal? Ranking around #2 and #3 last summer and fall. Now 7-9?

    It's kinda weird to come here looking for help only to criticize the majority of the posters. Given your fixation on links, it's probable that is the cause of your problems. It looks like you got hit hard by the December spam update but Google seems to be rolling out waves of devaluing spammy...
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    Tiktok search engine?

    Yeah, for now it's just searching their videos. Will it stay that way, or will it start crawling the rest of the internet to integrate other forms of search? Hard to know for sure. Google includes tiktoks in results so completely possible it goes the other direction.
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    Should I get every citation I can get my hands on?

    There are a lot of low quality citation sources that might not be harmful but won't necessarily be helpful. A lot of those old business directory sites are pretty much worthless. Google might crawl those sites but the probability your citation page is indexed or moves the needle for local seo is...
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    Can Youtube Shorts Get Your Channel Demonitized?

    Some of the content is incorporated into original content to pass as fair use under copyright laws and youtube policies. It's hard to just look at shorts and figure out where youtube draws the line. My suspicion is with the shorts appearing so briefly in youtube searches, there's less change...
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    Backlinking, what is really working now days?

    Backlinks need to be quality links for the most part, which is why just blasting your site with automated links is generally unproductive these days for ranking well. Unless you are in an extremely competitive market, you can get more mileage out of making your on-page seo the best possible...
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    Permantly Suspended From Reddit

    Are you sure your VPN doesn't leak the IP?
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    My videos stuck at 300 views

    @Iamhansonkings is giving you a good starting point. I would definitely look at competitors and see if they are posting minute long videos also. On tiktok a minute is a long time.
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    Best Way To Grow Your FB Page

    Facebook is still the largest actively used social media platform, even beating out youtube.