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  1. olivier

    Stripe solution

    Don't use Stripe, don't use PayPal. Use crypto. Any other card processor blocks the funds no matter what. They are idiots. PayPal owns Stripe pretty much and they don't care. They steal money. You are not the only one who loose the money. There are people who are gonna sue Stripe and PayPal...
  2. olivier

    How to open a new account in Fiverr after been banned

    Do they have FB messenger? I solved my PayPal issues with chatting them directly on FB Messenger. The woman was very kind and helpful. I submitted all the info and next morning everything was solved in my account. No limits, no blocks, all OK. Maybe Fiverr also has such support persons that...
  3. olivier

    Paypal login with different IP

    Even VPS may not help. If the IP of VPS is dirty as hell and used in bad things. PayPal needs serious work to use like that. It's not very easy. Even professionals who work on this field say that it's complicated but doable. You must know inside and outside. I suggest to get good residential proxy
  4. olivier

    Bypassing Face Verification through android emulators, almost managing to do it [NEED HELP]

    There is a much simpler solution. Search in Russian forums. There is whole guide about that. Fresh guide, not some old garbage. It involves using some software and even AI but it seemed to work. There was video too. And primarily it also supports moving head. Many verifications ask that
  5. olivier

    Help - Telegram channel, what should I do??

    Lots of bots on github for Tele. Look around there for a start
  6. olivier

    Hot industry trends for ebook and Kindle publishers video coming up soon

    @CrystalMath Any insight on what people like to read? How many pages the book has on average? What is difficult niche and what's easy? Average price ?
  7. olivier

    [Journey] Social Media Mass DM CPA with free traffic [Already started]

    What else can you share? I really would like to start same thing but still struggling. Im not hunting huge amounts of course in the beginning, but some side income from this would be good. 20-30$ a day for the whole month or so. Coding is not a problem. Strategy is and starting this thing..
  8. olivier

    [journey] managing 100 twitter accounts on 1 device, no proxy or anti detect

    using just 1 IP (wifi, sim) ? using proxys?
  9. olivier

    [LAZY METHOD] Make A Viral YT Automation Channel with Shorts thanks to AI.

    Maybe shadowban? I have same issue. No views at all. 0 views. I uploaded 5 videos in 1 day. In previous test few months ago I got views basically after refreshing the page after 30 minutes.
  10. olivier

    This guy is making $10k+ a month passively

    I would love to make videos but I have no idea what videos to make. I can automate stuff and i can code. etc. But Im extremly bad at generating ideas for niches. My biggest problem.
  11. olivier

    This guy is making $10k+ a month passively

    Where he takes the stories from? Also GPT? 3 hours of chatting of nonsense basically.
  12. olivier

    [Journey] Social Media Mass DM CPA with free traffic [Already started]

    Im also wondering. How the heck you even start the conversation. "Hey accept my friend invite, i will tell you good things." It doesnt work like that.I dont get it. Not everybody will accept random person to friends in FB. How you do it? How you start conversation? Why he/she should add you to...
  13. olivier

    The Simplest *MONEY* You can make - [Method] Making a Few Dollars every Month with CPA

    Can this be Scaled? I worked with ads some time (Google and fb ads) ago but left this thing.
  14. olivier

    [LAZY METHOD] Make A Viral YT Automation Channel with Shorts thanks to AI.

    I did this today. Before going to bed. I had one older YT channel sitting here. And uploaded 5 shorts to it. Will see stats after 24 hours. Im not hoping anything, just curious will i get views and test this thing. Channel had 5 autogenned videos and one of them has 2610 views. I unlisted these...
  15. olivier

    Journey to $100 Per Day Yt + CPA and Media Buying

    CPABuild has very few offers. OGAds is much better. You're lucky that you got accepted in OGAds. I tried like 3 times. No luck
  16. olivier

    What youtube channels have helped you earn money online?

    None of the guys on YT are legit. They're all scammers. They get paid from YT, thats why they make these useless fake videos. I have not yet seen any legit guy on YT that really helps making money and gives some real advice.
  17. olivier

    [May Journey - Adult ]

    There is literally every sourcecode for telegram already made: Parsing chats, adding people from there to own channel, mass posting on other channels etc. Everything is already there. TG is much easier to automate than anything else. Only thing is: you must know the good channels where lots of...
  18. olivier

    Making money with wallpaper apps on play store (not a crazy amount just 165 $ in february)

    Can you please explain the proxies part more? Where to get proxies for this? What proxies to use? Did you make your own proxies with old mobile phones and sim cards (4G) ?
  19. olivier

    Journey to $100 Per Day Yt + CPA and Media Buying

    Ok, I understand your method. Is this yours, lol: What about IPs? Or accounts in general? Its not safe to log into 130 accounts from 1 IP. How you do this part? 130 proxies is expensive. 130 phones with sim cards also expensive. When spamming, do you create new accounts and warm up new...