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    Unlink .txt file every 2 hours

    Simply create a PHP file with the unlink method and set the cron as: 0 */2 * * * /path-to-php-file
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    anyway to get real ip address behind proxy?

    There is no guaranteed way to know about the proxy unless you have a list of all the Proxies Ip addresses that exist (which seems highly unlikely).
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    Programs to create

    Developing something like Freelancer could take months even if you have a team of good developers. You should start off with a 3rd Party script. If you really want to build from scratch you will need to know at least: - Server side programming language (PHP, ASP, JSP etc.) - Database (MySQL...
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    [METHOD] $500+/Day with Adsense (Stable Income)

    Remarkable! Im going to give this a shot!
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    [howto]Get more local business SEO clients!

    The image is not working, really curious to see what it is.
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    Starting off lwith ink building

    Hmm interesting, thanks.
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    Starting off lwith ink building

    Hmm yea social media seems to be the most popular way of natural marketing these days. But I guess it can take over a year to build enough natural links to get to even PR1
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    Starting off lwith ink building

    This is exactly the conclusion I came to, that google doesnt want you to do SEO at all and that we should focus on natural growth and natural links. But it has been working too well for me, I have hardly any back links and Im at PR0 for over a year. I have been using Social media but links...
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    Starting off lwith ink building

    I am new to SEO but have been reading a lot for the past couple of weeks. But the more I read the more it seems google wants to make it harder and harder to do link building for your website. What are fair white hat ways that we can still use to build links to new website without any back...
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    I bid $22k on this domain and lost by $100... So Pissed....

    $22K is too much for this domain
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    Helpful Proxie Tool For Sorting IPS

    I was looking for a tool like this some time back, very helpful. Thanks!
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    Infinitely running PHP script

    Use set_time_limit(0);
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    Seeds/Leechs Spoofing

    Hi Halitech, I have a software that could do that for you, infact not just on your own tracker but on other Public Trackers as well. Thanks Torrent Coder
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    Need Any Software / Bot / Script To Spoof Seeds & Peers On Public Torrents

    Hi, If you still need it, I have the software you need. Please send me a P.M so we may discuss. Thanks TorrentCoder