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    Dropshipping Branded Tshirts With Tracking

    This is a nice way to make some money, if you have the right prices for your t-shirts so i can also make some money. Pm me with the prices and maybe we can make some business.
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    supply phone case/smart watch/screen protector/wirless charger/cabble/ from China

    I have an online store and a facebook page where i sell this kind of things. I would be very happy if you send me a catalog with your products and prices. Also, will i have free shipping for my order, or do i have to pay for the shipping. PM me please.
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    What's a good windows laptop? looking for an i7 with good ram

    I am very glad you like my suggestion. I just typed in i7 laptops and there was a site where you can get the best deals on the market and it looked pretty sleek and very good for the money it costs. I am glad i helped :))))
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    What's a good windows laptop? looking for an i7 with good ram

    there are a lot of laptops out there with i7 processors and 16 gb ram that are cheaper than 3000 dollars. I have found an Asus Zenbook Pro. It has an i7 processor with 2.6 GHz and 15.6 '' touch display. Also the deal is with a Windows 10 64 bit home edition. All that for a price around 1400...
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    how did u quite cigratte

    when you want to quit smoking you have to be very determined to do that. Activities like swimming or waterpolo can also help. I smoke cigarettes too and i know it is very difficult to quit, but if you want to quit do your best. After a year or so your body will heel itself and you will have...
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    Making Money Online: It All Starts With YOU. (Not Methods. Not Google. YOU.)

    this is more than awesome. so true and realistic. it feels great to read and learn from people who can easily associate with you, tell you the truth, not sugarcoat anything that most people will do only to give people false hope. so far, this is the best post that talks nothing but the truth...
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    Complete BHW Guide to Making Money on the Internet (Curation of Best Posts)

    so awe-inspiring post. thank you very much for the tips that I believe have worked to many people and will definitely work for us. thanks
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    How to use your BHW membership to make a full time online income

    it feels great to know that the time I am spending BHW is not wasted because each and every day am learning something new which definitely helps me in my product promotion, seizing opportunities. thank you very much for sharing and am glad you did.blessed
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    Gaming betting? Yes or No?

    with every thing going online, the e-betting is definitely on of the businesses with a very bright future. you just have to have the necessary capital to start the business, make sure you are familiar with all the legal issues and it is best to seek advice from a qualified lawyer
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    Anyone interested in a skype group that focuses on entering new markets?

    I wish i had seen this post earlier and I would already be in the skype group. I would like to be in a group full of resourceful people who are business minded. PM me please and I will give my details. thanks
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    In what to invest 500$?

    I will not give you an advice on where or what to invest in but will advice you to make sure you have a well sat plan and strategy about what you are investing in. dont just jump into a business because it has good returns, do your maths well and always have a good back up plan. think twice and...
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    The Sexiest Offline Marketing Career Might Be Mine

    you are a very resourceful person full of ideas. from the text, i believe you have all you want. the only remaining thing is to actualize it before it is too late. I believe i have also gotten some ideas from you which i might try out. just get up and do something about it. All the best
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    How to advertise offline at very cheap cost?

    it will depend on the product you are providing. I guess promoting your product on the roads can be more helpful. that is holding roadshows but that can be expensive but effective, you can hire announcers to walk on the streets promoting your product or sales men. you can also use your own car...
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    Finding new Businesses before they open?

    most businesses will announce if they have something new coming. You just need to be on the look out, read the newspapers and the daily reports and maybe you can locate one. also it is always a rule that the businesses announce any service or tender that they may need for people to apply...
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    Best methods to generate home care assistant applications?

    never reject any contract as long as you have some experience in that field. dont wait to be perfect because you can never be perfect in anything. you always get better. I dont have any experience in that field but I can advice you to take the job and learn, modify and improve while at it. that...
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    Getting Comission only sales people?

    it always depend on the type of service you are offering. there are a lot of people looking for such jobs like on sale on commission, which according to me works best because the sales people in pursuit of earning more from their sales, they end up earning more for your business. you can always...
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    Working from home

    it all depends with the type of business you are engaged in and the target market. you dont have to rent a spacious office for you to look very professional. the skill we offer are the ones that market us not the office. if you see a client minding very much about an office, then they are...
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    How are you emailing potential clients?

    I would also say that messages from gmail accounts always end up in the spam box regardless of the content in them. I will say this because I have found numerous gmail messages from legal companies that i believe in ending up in my spam box. this made me wonder why but I have never found the...
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    Need the advice of experienced offline marketers

    you cannot make conclusions from only 22 messages you need much than that, maybe a realistic representation of your target market. the message was good, short and direct to the point but I believe people dont like recorded messages. just do it live so that the communication can be two way.maybe...
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    I Love Offline Marketing - Just Need to Find a Plan/Partner

    good to hear that actually you have made it and comfortable in the world of offline marketing such as cold calling. it is a well known fact to me that very many people including me have failed or should i say have no confidence and usually give up before trying harder because of frustrations. I...