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  1. Ni12

    Are you planning to quit because of constant updates

    Because Google wants you to spend money on it's ads platform. Your good site means nothing. Those who enjoy the challenge should not quit. Just make sure you have other ventures that don't rely on Google.
  2. Ni12

    I am making money but I feel is not enough

    Thanks op for sharing the solution. Hopefully others will benefit from it.
  3. Ni12

    Cancel the weekend plans and brace for the impact

    Going with the flow. There is really no other choice....
  4. Ni12

    TikTok + CPA Journey - Let's Make Some EZ Money

    Many cpa journeys usually use YouTube. Congrats for cracking the tiktok code.;)
  5. Ni12

    can someone give me a method to make 20 dollars a day

    You can probably get a clone from codecanyon.
  6. Ni12

    Beware of Go Daddy - auto renewal scam!

    Don't use GoDaddy and I know some prefer this but also avoid purchasing a domain name and then also hosting from the same company. Keep them separate.
  7. Ni12

    [CRYPTO] How I went from $500,000 to almost 0

    Thanks for this write up. Very interesting read. I imagine many people are mostly gamblers and your piece helps explain how better to prepare/research with crypto trading.
  8. Ni12

    how much money is this youtuber making?

    It depends on his number of views and the niche.
  9. Ni12

    Are there any tools that I can use to ban social media?

    Great advice. It is indeed hard sometimes to ignore distractions but if one keeps practicing self discipline it eventually becomes a habit.
  10. Ni12

    After 3 years on BHW- finally some $$$

    Congratulations. Hope you get similar results with clickbank. :)
  11. Ni12

    Obligatory periodical BHW mods appreciation thread + who is the most responsive mod?

    Grateful for all the mods. They make this big place better for all of us. In fact I'm thinking we probably have that mod that none of us know much about because he or she may not post as much on the forums (no time) but does a lot in the background that all the other mods probably appreciate...
  12. Ni12

    Fake OnlyFans

    Hahaha!:D The truth is op is bordering on ewhoring which is very much prohibited on bhw.
  13. Ni12

    My mother is extremely eager to give me money to invest in something but I am not sure what...advice?

    Marry. Have a child. Open a savings account for said child. Deposit mummy's money there. Tell mummy. Happiness all around....
  14. Ni12


    I would pay my taxes.
  15. Ni12

    What use is karma in reddit actually?

    It just builds trust with many users and the ability to post in various subreddits.
  16. Ni12

    I just got my BHW-themed Lambo!!

    Nice. :)
  17. Ni12

    Reddit Accounts get Shadow Banned

    It could be many things. Perhaps you are posting affiliate links? Try posting without linking to anything. Perhaps your Tor settings are off? Try using a VPN set to the same country the account was registered with. Perhaps the accounts you are buying are already somehow compromised? Try...
  18. Ni12

    I got an SSL Error

    My bad I meant with cloudflare. Vultr should resolve this for you.:)