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    [Journey] Scaling my first ever website to 3k$ per month

    Nice journey! Keep it up! How many articles do you have published at the moment?
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    Are you afraid of insects?

    I'm not a big fan of spiders.
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    How do you learn / practice programming languages?

    I'm studying with The Odin Project, I'm enjoying at the momment.
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    Best Skills in demand 2022?

    You can learn for free some of those skillsets. Cloud computing, for example, you can even take some Azure certs for free.
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    Musk makes a deal with Twitter

    So, the deal is suspended?
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    New feed post update?

    I can't do this either. I also have seen some posts using fundraising with an amazing engagement.
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    How do i monetize a 10K Instagram account?

    I don't think you can do much with 10k followers. You can try sending traffic to a telegram channel and monetize there with a dating offer.
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    [Journey] Growing 100k Instagram followers in 3 months and making $xxxx

    Hey, good luck on your journey! How many times are you posting per day?
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    [Help]Low reach from explore and having trouble getting on it!

    I think it's because of the sensitive control update.
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    Im losing engagement and I need Help!

    Are you ranking on hashtags? Maybe you are shadowbanned.
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    IG Women's Niche

    Make up and losing weight goes well too.
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    How can i make some money from my 77k instagram

    You can start a gaming channel and drive traffic from IG
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    is facebook traffic still Good for Adsense??

    Facebook is pushing groups right now, it's the same thing Instagram is doing with reels.