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  1. shimulb0

    [Giveaway] Free 1000 words AI generated content

    I have bought a lifetime offer AI generated content tool. I will give you free 1000 words article and in return you have to tell me about the quality of the generated content. Don't reply if you can't tell me the writing quality. * Only for first 10 people * Must be a BHW member for at least 1...
  2. shimulb0

    Anyone here know about the Japanese Google Indexing Tool?

    I have got this information on a private FB group The new japanese indexing tool can index any url within 20 min If you know this please share the name or site url
  3. shimulb0

    How to get an author account on "maryland reporter . com"

    Anyone here who knows how to get an author account ?
  4. shimulb0

    [Giveaway] Free Moz Pro Accounts

    Got a method to create Moz Pro (Trial 1 month) account for free I think many of you already know this This giveaway is for those who didn't get enough time to find that Rule: You must have 50+ posts 1 account per person Only first 10 person
  5. shimulb0

    Reddit shadowbanned

    Hello redditors Is there any way to understand if my reddit user is shadowbanned? I can check any user if it is banned. problem is some of my user is showing ok, but when i post a thread with those user the posts are automatically disappeared.
  6. shimulb0

    How to select sites for guest post?

    Hello all, I am planning to get some guest posts. But the question is how to find a good site for guest post. Which matrics should i count here, da/pa, traffic, backlinks, outbound links? Suppose, site 1 has very good traffic, but da/pa is very low, and OBL is low Site 2 has very high da/pa...
  7. shimulb0

    Bing seo expert needed

    Hi, We want to hire an expert seo for bing only. This is an event base project. You have to rank my site on some keywords and get on the top position at event time. If anyone here i am open to discuss. Thanks