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  1. Pawlaka

    Best setup for Telegram SPAM bot?

    What settings do you use when spamming on Telegram? I couldn't find any fresh thread about that, and Im new on telegram How many accounts per one proxy? How many messages per account? How much delay between messages?
  2. Pawlaka

    Can I use image of CAHTURBATE model without DMCA with no consequences?

    Can I use without asking images / videos of chaturbate model who dont have DMCA to promote her?
  3. Pawlaka

    Netflix, Instagram likes, EDU Emial selling. Can I have connected several eB accounts to one PayPal?

    I want start a business selling those things on ebay, it's not allowed so I will need at least 10 accounts. I'll working with account for 2 months, leave it and move on to the next one. Can I have conntected all those 10 eBay accounts to the same PayPal? Not at the same time ofc.
  4. Pawlaka

    Bot to adding scraped users on Snapchat

    I have huge list of nicknames on Snapchat, is there any program that will add all the users?
  5. Pawlaka

    Can any niche be saturated on Instagram?

    e.g. Fortnite. There are thousands of IG about Fortnite, so is this an obstacle for me if I also wanna grow Fortnite account? in addition, I would have many sources from which I could scrape followers and posts.
  6. Pawlaka

    Can I upload scraped video on xvideos via URL?

    As in the title, is this even possible? And if not, from where I can take videos to upload it via url?
  7. Pawlaka

    Live Jasmin pays 65% RevShare. What's the catch?

    Can anyone explain to me how Live Jasmin's revshare system works? Because that's impossible, that they pay 65%, and competitive Chaturbate only 20%
  8. Pawlaka

    How to fully change your identity in internet? ( IP, fingerprints, etc )

    I live in Poland and would like to register on some site as a living in USA. Problem is, that this site have strong algorithms, and changing proxy isn't enough if you wanna creating multiple accounts. What methods do you use while creating multiple accounts?
  9. Pawlaka

    [NEED] Nudes pack

    Where I can found nudes packs? I need nudes of skinny brunette without face on photo. :D
  10. Pawlaka

    [NEED] Adult traffic to autoresponder.

    I have already configurated autoresponder on WhatsApp that sends to cam site. Where I can found horny people for it? I tried with Adult Friend Finder and related sites, but everything there is paid, so maybe you know some free alternatives? Just need a page where I can create a fake female...
  11. Pawlaka

    Difference between promoting normal offer and mainstream offer

    I know what mainstream is, but don't understanding this af. Why i get twice more for mainstream offer? what is difference between normal? And what I have to do to promote mainstream offer and get 5.20$
  12. Pawlaka

    How now to promote chaturbate 1$ PPL offer?

    1.I would like to promote 1$ PPL offer but they changed thier earning system. Now they give us 10 tokens for sign up. Can I later convert this 10 tokens to 1$? 2.Second thing is that I would like to promote my profile room, to do that I have to promote that link above red line on screenshoot...
  13. Pawlaka

    1$ per lead on 0.80$ per Chaturbate lead on CrakRevenue for. Where is the sense?

    Why just don't promote offer direcly from On CrakRevenue for promoting Chaturbate offer I get 0.20 less. so why I would to do that? What they give me for this 0.20$?
  14. Pawlaka

    WTB Instagram ero accounts

    Show me everything. Even small accounts from 1000 follows +. In coment write amount of followers and price, I will pm for link if interested
  15. Pawlaka

    [BADOO] I have picture with gesture required to verify, but on hard drive

    To verify account on Badoo I have to send them photo with required gesture. I have this photo, but on hard drive, and this has to be done directly from the camera :/ any sugestions how to do this? I tried to take photo of computer's screen with displayed gesture photo, but dont working :(
  16. Pawlaka

    Is four percent group ( 4% group ) good?

    Hello I want to buy access to 4% group. Is there someone who have opinion about it?
  17. Pawlaka

    Traffic form YT description

    Hello :) I want to pay channels on You Tube to promote my affiliate link by adding it to the description. What do You think?