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    Local ***** Pages?

    Has anyone heard of this plugin? And if so any positive results? I value BHW's opinion far more than WF. Sales Page :
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    Can you do this with .htaccess?

    Hello, I have a blog that I would like to split basically I was wondering if I could 301 forward all my visitors to a certain category go to one url, while visitors for another category go to another url. For example: A visitors to will be forwarded to...
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    SEO Redirect Value

    I have an a blog (on EDU server) that I am trying to redirect to a money site - however the problems is that I do not have access to .htaccess. The only way I have found that I can redirect is using this : <script type="text/javascript">document.location.href=''</script>...
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    Can you script this?

    I was wondering if I could have a "mini" version of a webpage load on the sidebar of one my blogs. (Not just a piece, but a condensed version) Basically it would show a random page (from a lists of webpages that I provide) and a link using the Page Title (of the 'random page') as the keyword...
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    Is this possible with an iframe?

    I was wondering if I could have a "mini" version of a webpage load on the sidebar of one my blogs. (Not just a piece, but a condensed version) Basically it would show a random page (from a lists of webpages that I provide) and a link using the Page Title (of the 'random page') as the keyword...
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    Help with SEO20's Generate invisible Window script

    I would like to customize this script so that it only loads that every every time someone visits another page on my site the script doesn't automatically open up another invisible window. Here is the script for those unfamiliar with it: <script type="text/javascript"> function...
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    Amazon Scraper

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a program that I could use to scrape Amazon products by categories? Thanks in advance.
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    Need someone that can help me SEO20's Ultimate Script Collecion

    SEO20 was gracious enough to share a few of his scripts on this thread, I would like to know if someone can take this a little step forward. Can someone provide a script that can do...
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    Get your own Powerful EDU blog at PR8 University in the US!

    Stop wasting your time with brand new edu.xx domains.....yes they are real edu domains - but in name only as they have little or no authority. Here is your chance to get your very own WPMU blog at a REAL PR8 University - ( - without having to pay thousands of dollars of...
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    Good SEO theme for Apache Roller

    I just picked up a new blog and its on an Apache Roller system, so I was wondering if any you had any tips that you wouldn't mind sharing as to best optimize this sucker. Thanks in advance.
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    Any suggestions for a Real Esate blog

    Hello All, I would like to begin offering real estate listings on my Wordpress blog, however I would like to make it as easy as possible for real estate agents to self post their listings. Any suggestions on any plugins or options I should consider, as I am trying to make this as user friend...
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    Free edu Blog Url....

    Here it is....please stop PMing for it: Admins, I am sorry for posting again on the same subject, however many people are not reading the thread and just Pming asking for the url when it's already posted in the thread. Everyone, else enjoy!
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    Anyway to do this in Wordpress?

    I would like to know if there is a way to add Ads based on categories? For example, is there a way I could add Chicago specific ads to all my post that to pertain to Chicago, and New York specific ads to the New York post...etc....without having to go into each post one by one? Thanks in advance
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    Is it possible to outrank a store using their own name?

    What I am wondering, would it be possible to rank #1 in Google for the term....let say Best Buy ahead of the actual Best Buy website? Or Macy's, Kmart, Lowes for that matter.....can we beat them with their own name in the SERPs? Or does Google prevent that somehow, so should I then settle for...
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    Virtual PC / Server help

    Hello all.... I have a Dreamspark hosting account that I would like to be able to use MS programs on (ie....Scrapebox) If anyone out there show me how to set this that I don't spend hours trying to figure it out...I will pay you for your tutelage...
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    Scrapebox on Dreamspark?

    Does any know if you can use or already use Scrapebox on Dreamspark? Its a free I thought I should consider it. Thanks in advance. Alex
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    Need a BackLink Checker

    Hi, I need a program that would allow me to do the following: In one column (column A) have a list of my clients URLs In a second column (column B) have a list of all the outsourced backlinks that have been created. What I would like this program to do is check every url in column B (the...
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    Does this program exists?

    I would like to know if anyone knows of a program that would allow me enter a url and a lists of websites where that url is located (and do this in bulk). Then the program could tell me which of those links are do-follow. Imagine a combination of Scrapebox's link checker with SEO Elites...
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    What to do with EDU email addresses

    Anyone have any idea on how to best utilize my edu email addresses as a IM? I know it can be an asset for discounts, but what else can I do with it? Thanks in advance.
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    Way to verify my links have been indexed?

    Greetings all. I am using a service called Drip Feed Blast, to create a few daily links for me. Now I have been "verifying" these links using Scrapebox's index checker, however I would like to know how accurate that is....and if there is another program out there that I could use to recheck...