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  1. ColdAndDark

    Best way for link-building outreach prospecting?

    So I am trying to find the best way to reach out for guest posts or link exchanges. I have tried- 1. Mass email (using GMass) from huge lists I've found on this forum (Niche filtered ofcourse) 2. Checking my competitor's backlinks with Ahrefs, export reports, find emails with and then...
  2. ColdAndDark

    Should we get links from sites like these? [High DA but declining traffic]

    I am getting quite a few ABC link exchange offers and affordable guest post offers from sites like these. The DR is great, but the traffic has a bell curve. Should I accept links from them? Will they do more harm than good?
  3. ColdAndDark

    Build Your Backlink the Right Way With High Authority Guest Posts

    Samples for business and tech niche please.
  4. ColdAndDark

    [Journey] $1000 per month profit through Google Ads

    This thread has a lot of value. What's the service you use to protect from bot attacks?
  5. ColdAndDark

    Can i create a new ad account using same email?

    So I created a Google ad account 4 years ago and it got suspended because I was trying to run an affiliate campaign (circumventing). Eventually, the account got cancelled because of no activity. Now I have my own business and I want to run ads (full white hat) for my own business (no affiliate...
  6. ColdAndDark

    [Content affiliate] Journey to 2000 USD/month

    I do the same thing too. So do you do link building? Link building for non-eng languages is tricky
  7. ColdAndDark

    [Journey] Niche Website (from $0 to $n / Day)

    I see, and how much do you invest in guest posts monthly?
  8. ColdAndDark

    [Journey] Niche Website (from $0 to $n / Day)

    What's your link-building strategy? What kind of links are you getting?
  9. ColdAndDark

    0 to 60.000$ /month Empire in 12 months (Affiliate Marketing)

    All the best for your journey. Seems like you already got a huge budget. How much are you investing in backlinks monthly?
  10. ColdAndDark

    Where should I host my international Spanish site?

    So I am building an international Spanish blog: I am targetting Spanish-speaking users from Spain, Mexico, LATAM, and US. So should I host it on a US data server? Currently, I am hosting it in the Netherlands.
  11. ColdAndDark

    Is this a PBN or normal site?

    Mostly what I understand is: 1. PBNs nowadays look exactly like a nornal site. 2. When you run PBNs through Semrush and Ahref, it shows you 0 monthly traffic? Is that all? Recently, I found some gigs on Fiverr where they are offering guest posts for really cheap on some decent-looking...
  12. ColdAndDark

    Hestia theme- good for affiliate SEO?

    Should I go with Hestia ? Or should I go with the most popular theme Generate-press? Does it even matter? Thanks in advance