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  1. vaibhav123

    Heart Palpitations Any One?

    So, I have this heart palpitation problem where my heart beats increase. Was curious anyone have similar issue and what you did about it? Thanks.
  2. vaibhav123

    Best YouTube Course for Keyword Research?

    Anyone know free or paid resource where I can learn how to do Keyword research for YouTube videos. What type of titles to uses etc.
  3. vaibhav123

    [JV] Our App Development Platform & Your Marketing

    Hi, So we recently launched an application or no-code app development platform that any small to medium business owner can use. To make it simple: We have our website where any person can go & create their own application as per their business workflow. So If a lawyer wants to make an...
  4. vaibhav123

    Website backup question...

    Hi, I am using one plugin that backup my wordpress website. My question is, does backup of a website includes backup of our articles too? or just the theme, plugin etc? Is there a way, I can safely store my written articles? Thanks
  5. vaibhav123

    How is Namecheap VPS? Compared to Shared Hosting?

    Hi, I want to know, how is namecheap pulsar VPS? Does it make your website faster compared to SHARED Hosting?
  6. vaibhav123

    Google ads code issue

    Hi, So this happend second time on my website that, the code that we put in the head section of the theme just wiped away and my ads stopped showing up. Why this happens? Is there someone making changes to my theme? If i put the code, the ads start showing again. But how the code just go...
  7. vaibhav123

    Book Suggest ?

    Good book to read ? Non fiction, Related to Branding, Marketing or Self Growth ? Suggestion?
  8. vaibhav123

    No copy option on website ?

    I saw some websites protecting their content and not allowing other users to copy any content on their website. Is this good and does it affect SEO interms of Google able to crawl my content etc..
  9. vaibhav123

    Weight loss. What worked ?

    Anyone tried to lose their weight ? I want to loose atleast 20 kg now. I am not a gym person. I can walk a lot and ride cycle. Any thing that worked for you ? And how much time it took for you ?
  10. vaibhav123

    With AI content in Blogging..

    How much should a blogger worried about AI generated content in bulk used by people ?
  11. vaibhav123

    How much time it took for you..

    How many days it took for you to achieve 5$/day with adsense and how much traffic you had per day ? Curious. Thanks.
  12. vaibhav123

    How you think of your competitors?

    If you are new into blogging & can clearly see your competitors with lot of articles and social media foot prints. How you think of them? Do you get overwhelmed ? Or Just continue doing your work but also analyse their strategies and do things differently ?
  13. vaibhav123

    Does second monitor helps ?

    Asking if I should get new monitor along with my laptop for more productivity ? Also, Does it help when you are blogging where you write and research articles on your own? Thanks.
  14. vaibhav123

    Is this any virus attack on my website?

    I use rank math seo and saw this in the redirect section. I am using a pro plugin of generate press shared on this forum. No idea what this means. Any idea?
  15. vaibhav123

    Cheap Email verification service?

    Hi Email marketers out there ? Do you know any CHEAP bulk email verification service providers ? Also If you know any tool that gives free credits (not 100 but like 1000 etc) for free ? Thanks.
  16. vaibhav123

    Where is my giveaway?

    Few days back you did a give away where you promised 10k email list cleaning. Did you provided the giveaway as promised or it was trick to get 10k emails from members? @ crystalwiz I am still waiting for my email list to be cleaned. I need answer and @Mods please make sure you make people...
  17. vaibhav123

    Can you help solve this spacing problem?

    Hi, I am using Generate Press theme + Elementor pro. I have issue when it comes to changing paragraph bottom margin from the customize theme section. I am not using elementor for editing Individual blog posts but I do use their theme builder for creating blog post layout section. Any help?
  18. vaibhav123

    Customize Generate Press Post section?

    Hi, So I am using Generate pass theme for my blog and I want to edit the last section and want to show my latest posts. Also Add social sharing icons. How I can do this? I know we can do this using blocks but I need to be automatic for my all posts.
  19. vaibhav123

    What the Giveaway rule says ?

    Hi, Is there any rule for Giveaway ? I have participated in many giveaways where I was eligible but was not given anything. Can we complain of such people ? Or It's ok to make a giveaway and not fullfil what you promised ? Mods ? Thanks.
  20. vaibhav123

    Whom do you call an Internet Marketer?

    what atleast one thing a person must have done to call himself an Internet Marketer According to me; If a person can sell something on Internet he can be called an Internet Marketer. What's your thought?