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  1. Seozor

    Please Help Me Guys !!!!

    Hello everyone, I have an blog website and i have problem about google indexing. My problem is : for example i am writing an article about a topic but when i search for a, i see my b topic in search results because google see a topics keywords in the b topic's related articles. How can i fix...
  2. Seozor

    Please Advice From Bloggin Experts

    Hello everyone, I will open a blog for adsense income but i dont know which topic should i choose. I have some topics in my list but i am not sure. -Crypto Blog -Income, Passive Income Blog -How to blog(about everything) Or any idea ? Which topic should i choose to gain faster or more income ...
  3. Seozor

    Onehourindexing Dont Answer The Mails!

    Hello everyone, I forgot to cancel my subscription and then get monthly money. When i click to cancel subscription on onehourindexing, they say please e-mail us. I sent 3 e-mail 4 days ago and there is no answer. Any advice to get refund from them ?
  4. Seozor

    Advice for $1000-$2500 per Month ?

    Hello everyone, I am SEO expert, web designer, graphic designer but SEO is my main skill. I am surviving to pay my rent and other payments. Any advice to gain $1000-$2500 per Month. In my country average wage is $250 and its not enough for living so i have to work online. Any website to sell...
  5. Seozor

    How to use RankerX ? Please Help

    Hello everyone, I purchased RankerX and i made some link buildings to my money sites. I used expert diagram and pyramid diagram for some keywords but i haven't got any effect to my website. I use onehourindexing for indexing and i see a lot of backlinks via Ahrefs but i dont get any result...
  6. Seozor

    Do You Recommend onehourindexing ?

    Hello everyone, Is there anyone who use onehourindexing ? Should i buy it to index my backlinks or is there any better service ?
  7. Seozor

    Where can i get EDU e-mail ?

    Hello everyone, Anyone know where can i get Edu e-mail for example [email protected] ?
  8. Seozor

    Should i buy RankerX ?

    Hello everyone i am thinking to buy RankerX for seo works and i have some questions for seo experts : What can i do with RankerX exactly ? I've seen on website but they made too summary. What are the features ? If i buy it, what can i do with it ? Is there any better software than RankerX ...
  9. Seozor

    Is ArticleForge Good ?

    Hello everyone, I heard Article Forge as article generator. Anyone has user it before ? Is it good or bad for SEO and ranking. Or any suggestion for Article Generating.
  10. Seozor


    Hello everyone, I am not VIP in BHW and i can't sell canva here so i decided to give for free to first 10 commenter on this thread.
  11. Seozor

    How To Find Auto Approved Commenting Blog Websites ?

    Hello everyone, I will use for Tier 3 Backlink. How can i find auto approve commenting blogs, edu, gov etc. ? Please don't say search on google like "Powered by wordpress" site:*.edu etc. Is there any way to find bulk lists or any easier way to find a lot of websites that instantly approve blog...
  12. Seozor

    Free Automatic Blog Commenting Software or Script ?

    Hello everyone, I am just wondering if anyone know and share with me a free blog commenting software or script that we can submit comments to our auto-approve blog commenting sites ? I found this on BHW : But...
  13. Seozor

    Hello Everyone !! I'm really new on BHW

    Hello everyone! I am SEO expert, designer and wordpress developer. I would like to offer my services to BHW, what's the process? When can I open a thread for my services and how should I get my payments because I dont know how can I trust a customer. Thanks in advance...