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  1. Rajthepositivelife

    Your Interview on Ultra High DA blogs (DA 50+,40+,30+) starting from $19.99 only,50% Review discount

    Are you an Entrepreneur / Digital Marketer / Startup founder / Product creator / Influencer / Expert / Digital Artist / Filmmaker etc? Are you looking to get interviewed ? Do you want to get your Interview published on ultra High DA (Domain Authority) blogs? Did you know that? When you get...
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    WTB Whatsapp Senders/Channels

    Hi, I am looking to buy bulk WhatsApp channel/sender. PM me your skype ID and price per k. And do you have them in stock? and how old are these?
  3. Rajthepositivelife

    [giveaway] 5 great logos giveaway !

    Hey guys, I am giving away one logo each to first 5 BHW Jr.VIPs / Donors or above who'll comment in this thread. What do you have to do ? - As a Jr. VIP / Donor - First comment in the post. - Then PM me your the details of what type of logo you want and details of any reference logo. What...
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    Need 15+ reviewers for designing service

    Hi all, I need 15+ reviewers for our designing services that we are about to launch shortly What do you get? A professional logo designed for you including the psd file Criteria: 1. Buyers, who are buying services regularly are most welcomed to test our service. 2. Jr VIPs / Donors and above...
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    Case Study: Impact of Google Plus 1s & other social signals on website traffic

    Here is a case study showcasing the impact of social signals on one of our customer's websites, The campaign is still ongoing, but I thought it would be useful to share the results. Objective: To see the effect of social signals. I won't reveal the exact domain, but here are some details...
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    My 1000th post, My journey from a noob to a Full time Internet Marketer

    Hey buddies, It feels awesome to be writing my 1000th post on bhw, I was a noob in IM when I joined bhw 2 years ago, since then I have been trying to learn from stuff that is shared here and trying to implement a small percentage of the huge ocean of knowledge on bhw. I said - "a small %"...
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    [Giveaway]FREE 20 Google Plus 1s each to next 50 people who post on the thread!

    Hi Friends, Bhw is a great place to be in, I have learnt a lot from my fellow members and mentors here, What I feel great about bhw is that lots of people keep sharing awesome stuff for others ! I just wanted to give something back to the community, I provide google plus 1s service...
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    Never say Die...

    The video demonstrates that even in the face of adversity, if we have faith in ourselves, and try to overcome the obstacle, we can !! Where there is a will, there is a way!! Hope it inspires a fellow Internet Marketer / blackhatter :D
  9. Rajthepositivelife

    Is facebook the new myspace! funny video

    Fellow blackhatters here is a video shared by myspace owner Tom Anderson on the Google plus network Its super funny and a must watch for everyone Google+ vs. Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg's Reaction - YouTube
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    Friends, As you know, Google +1 launched their service recently! The +1 button is shorthand for "you should check this out." Imagine the wonderful reaction of people about your website, when they see your website having thousands of Google +1?s Get these at the cheapest rates on bhw! HOW...
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    I need someone to unblock my 2 roadblocked facebook accounts

    Hi, I have got 2 roadblocked accounts on facebook facebook is offering option of photo verification/bday Let me know your price here or pm me, will pay by paypal and let me know how long you will take it to unblock both Regards
  12. Rajthepositivelife

    Guaranteed Facebook Fans / Likes on fanpages at ultra cheap prices

    Facebook fan pages are all the rage these days! And after the changes that facebook has made a few weeks back, its getting more and more difficult to find providers who provide guaranteed facebook fans/likes on your page. Blackhatworld is the best place to get it, Here I am, I will be...
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    find out High PR sites in your niche

    Hi, I just found a site that can help u to find high PR websites in your niche. it is hxxp://www.bl0ng.inf0 Just replace the zeros with alphabet o All you need to do is enter your keyword in the search box and it will come up with high PR sites based on that keyword. Although it...
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    quick 7 $ anyone, I need wp robot to be set on my site

    Hi, I have bought a customised version of Wp robot3.24 If somebody can set a campaign on my site such that automatic posts start getting created through wp robot, I will pay 7 $ to that person. Write your msg here rather than sending me a pm I need the work to be done urgently, so...
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    Getting search results from google, but indexed pages as zero.

    Hi, Well, I am a little bit confused about something and am sure my bhw genius friends will be able to guide me :) My site has a Google Page Rank 1, I am getting daily visits from google search, My site is showing as google page 1 for a few of my keywords, but in webmaster tools, it is...
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    Save yourself from getting Hacked !! use these plugins

    Hey guys, You must be aware that a lot of blogs are getting hacked these days. If your blog is a wordpress blog, then you can download these two plugins right away, They can save you from getting hacked. I am sharing this because my blog was hacked last month, and it created a lot of trouble...