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  1. Sthubbins

    You have 30+ smart devices - how would you use them to make money?

    So as the title says, how would you make money with smart devices? I see a lot of threads around proxies but not so much smart phones/tablets etc. (If you feel like linking good threads here, please do)
  2. Sthubbins

    Banned from Fiverr: Discord Chat Level Ups

    So I just got banned from Fiverr before my gig could even get started despite it being exactly the same basically as all the other Discord chat (level up for whitelist) gigs. Anyone have any insight on why this would be the case? What should I do now, can I get back on under another account...
  3. Sthubbins

    Hey! My Goal: To figure SEO/Syndlab out in order to rank YouTube Videos

    Hey. I’m new here... Prior to joining BHW I’ve been focusing on graphic design, video editing and YouTube and have now turned to this forum to ‘figure out SEO’ to hopefully rank my videos to get some solid Adsense cash flow coming in as a foundation. (Which depending on niche and methods, I’ve...