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    Facebook Live (Sports)

    Hi, Is there any secrets so the Facebook Page will not be restricted or worst banned. If banned/restricted, at least not to quick.. We do live on sports events on any sports..but it restricted too fast.. Any way? Just curious as I see some pages doing so..
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    Detect Bot

    Is there a way or script if the visitor in your website is Googlebot or Facebook bot? How did the website cloaker work?
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    Detect if Facebook or Google

    Trying to bypass Facebook and Google Ads. I think it's called cloaking.. How to detect if the visitor is from facebook or google that check if your landing page is correct.
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    NeoApp Users

    I believe many NeoApp users here. When I used the neoapp at first it was on the hostwinds linux vps but after a month i transfered to mochahost windows vps. And I installed again neoapp to my new vps hosting. And when I tried to add a new app error occurs. "No Settings ID found" and another...
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    VPS hosting tutorial

    Hi, I just bought a VPS for my website since I ran a viral facebook app as suggested by hosting company because when I bought a web hosting they seldom suspended my account because as they can't handle the traffic. So they suggested to buy a VPS in order to avoid suspension. Now my problem, I...
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    Auto-approve blogs

    Is there any syntax in searching blogs? I need it ASAP..thanks
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    Newbie in cpa

    Hi, I heard a lot of CPA that's why I sign up to CPA network. I'm with StrongerAds network. I don't know where to start and how it works.. I want to know some tips on StrongerAds tips or any CPA tips.. thanks..
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    Facebook Fan Page

    I got several facebook viral script but i don't know where to put it.. It need some modification such as the image, url.. i almost see the youdomainurl/images...... but i don't have domain.. to host the files.. please help..
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    Noob on Clickbank

    I have a clickbank account but no earnings.. I read some thread at BHW about article marketing.. I tried to submit articles on articlebase but it seems my article get rejected because of the affiliate links.. What should I do to my article to get accepted. I have 22 live articles to them...