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  1. terrycody

    [Ezoic News!] Namecheap hosting now compatiable with Ezoic IPs

    Hey guys I think many of you knew that before Namecheap hostings have compatibility issues with Ezoic ADs IP long list, like you can't whitelist their IPs for your shared hosting (I guess there are more others issues at the time) . But now one of managers told me Ezoic and Namecheap reached...
  2. terrycody

    After GDPR consent popup, earning drops

    Hey guys I have a EU region website which is using Ezoic ads, and manager said I have to implement the so called GDPR consent, after I implemented the Quantcast (for this job), I can see my earnings drop 50%, well, when using adsense, I think it is not mandatory to show a popup right? And if I...
  3. terrycody

    Your Adsense earning yesterday, not normal right?

    For those who use Adsense on sites, how much of your adsense earning yesterday? Did you notice it is higher than average? But today it drops to average like normal days? I have a theory, Adsense has algo to cap your earnings in a proportional way, that means, if in theory, today you will get...
  4. terrycody

    Adsense earning - 2 weird questions please answer!

    Hey guys I have 2 questions if you guys have thoughts or even experience on them: 1) Do you think use "Google Analytics" will boost the adsense earning? We know, google will know all details of an IP if you use GA on your website, so if this can result boost earning? Or completely non...
  5. terrycody

    Do I need install both GA4 and old UA on site?

    Hey guys Anyone familiar with the new Google Analytics 4? If we want to install both new GA4 and old school UA to website, do we need to copy paste 2 sets of tracking code on website? This is very confusing, can't find any useful answers on Youtube and Google. So we need put on 2 sets of...
  6. terrycody

    [Ask] What this lock icon besides each link on Ahref tool?

    Look This motherfxxker, what's this? :eek:
  7. terrycody

    Register .FR domain if not from EU?

    Hey bros! Any sure way to register .FR domains if not from France or EU countries? Googled some but no valid info, if this means you have to be EU in order to register .fr domain? How about Godaddy representative service? Anyway used them? Please share your experience.
  8. terrycody

    Help break paywall of one article

    Can anyone help break the paywall? I tried several methods, not working on this URL: I want to read this shit... :weep::weep::weep:
  9. terrycody

    Adsense alternative for French site

    Hey guys I got a French health site using adsense, but the earnings is too low, like a shit. So I want to ask any alternative display networks? I don't interested with CPA/sales, just want to change display ads and milk the traffic, that's all! thank you!
  10. terrycody

    Any reliable groupbuy site?

    Bros Anyone know a reliable group buy site? The power plan is $100 per month from official site which is ridiculous for me, I just want to grab some expired domains...I don't want to be killed by this price lol
  11. terrycody

    Adsense user-based ads good or bad?

    Those who are using adsense now did you turn on the user-based ads or blocked it? Whats the difference in terms of earning? If anyone had experimented this, please share your result! I can't find useful things on Google, I am about to test it a bit...
  12. terrycody

    Play this horror game...

  13. terrycody

    This shit scam coin you can only BUY but can't SELL No idea how these fuckers did this thing, but you can only buy this coin but can't sell your coins, yes I tested with 0.001BNB, pretty amazing those bastards huh? And now they are ranking even NO.1 at Poocoin trending, just...
  14. terrycody

    Who know how this scam coin lock liquidity?

    Pretty sure this coin is a scam coin, which you can only buy in, but can't sell coins out, this fucker scammed a hell out of money, since I am not coder and have no idea how he did this, anyone know how to distinguish a shitcoin if it has LOCK function trap, from where to tell...
  15. terrycody

    [Shitcoin Era] how scammers can earn half million $$$ in 1 day

    We all know its shitcoin era, and some "smart" bastards are earning $1 million per day through sneaky method as simple as below: 1) first think a catching name like "coinbase coin" in our case 2) make an ugly motherfxxker website, no, you don't need hire a designer, just get a cheap name, and...
  16. terrycody

    "Liquidity LOCKED up-to 1 year" what does this mean?

    I frequently see the text like below when searching for shitcoins: "Liquidity LOCKED up-to 1 year after presale" "locked LP" What does this shit mean? Does it mean you can only buy the coin but can't sell?
  17. terrycody

    Serious problem regard 1000000001 flippage trick or bug?

    Guys A serious question please: After bought new come out coins with the 100000000001 1% flippage trick, all those coins can't show number at the wallet, even if you manually add the smart contract address, I mean the numbers of coins always show 0, while if you connect wallet to poocoin...
  18. terrycody

    How to know if LP locked or not from a shitcoin?

    I saw people say some shitcoins you can only put in money, but can't get the money out of it, and they claimed this thing called LP lock, I googled but can't find useful information, so guys how to distinguish this before you invest $$$ into a shitcoin? Any good live examples?
  19. terrycody

    Anyone buy this shitcoin? Hurry! Grab it while you can, as soon as possible, as fast as possible. Not financial advisor! This is gamble! :weep::weep::weep::weep:
  20. terrycody

    Any good social signal services here guys?

    Please recommend some real quality ones with real accounts, thanks! I saw you shared some before but now I can't find it... @macdonjo3 :weep: