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  1. doxul

    [JOURNEY] Building a Niche Blog from scratch

    try kadence with kadence blocks.
  2. doxul

    What Free VPN do you recommend?

    also amazon free tier is not really free. i had a simple blog site with a few daily visitors and i got charged $10+ every month as my bandwidth started exceeding so be careful with the free tier its just a marketing gimmick.
  3. doxul

    What Free VPN do you recommend?

    for free try psiphon3, or cloudflare warp or proton vpn or vpn unlimited.
  4. doxul

    Do you think its ethical or not to take articles and spin/rewrite them?

    I agree thats why i started the thread to see what others think. Basically as long as you dont take something word by word and do your own due diligence by changing and adding more to it i think its ethical to call it your own work, the inspiration can come from any where.
  5. doxul

    Looking for targeted traffic source to my website

    the only source other then seo is social media traffic but just like seo it can take time to build a genuine presence on social media.
  6. doxul

    [Step-by-Step] Twitter Peaceful Profits | From 0 to 100,000 Followers Quickly!

    Will this get saturated now that you are selling the method?
  7. doxul

    can i use vps without a cpanel

    what do you want the vps for? if its just to host websites then you can easily do that by using digital ocean. Their $5 per month plan can manage multiple starter websites without any issue and you dont need to install any panel.check this
  8. doxul

    Is WPX hosting worth ?

    Not true. I use digital ocean $6 plan and my website gets 90+ mobile on page speed insights without cdn. You just have to follow the best site speed optimization practices and keep your page size low.If you still want a cdn you can get free cdn from bunny and litespeed.
  9. doxul

    ⛔ Stop Guessing ⏩ Here’s A Method That Works! ✨See The Earning Screenshots✨

    I want to buy but i have a few questions Is this method difficult to implement for someone who is a newbie to reddit? Also what additional costs are involved after buying the guide? Also can it be scaled up? Please also send the discount code.
  10. doxul

    Fiverr spy tool. Find winning products and services. Analyze demand and competition based on data not stars.

    Do you offer any other payment methods or just crypto?
  11. doxul

    New Amazon affiliate site getting fake spam clicks. How to stop?

    I have a totally new website that has almost non existent traffic but i am constantly getting spam clicks on my affiliate links. As you cans see in the screenshot the click appear after every 2 days. Can someone tell me whats going on here and how do i get rid of these spam clicks?